10 things i’ve caught myself saying to my students | part 2

HERE is part one from this year.  keep in mind i teach high school students.  :)

1.  me: please stop cutting his arm hair with the safety scissors.


3. student: well, he (the assistant principal) was taking sam (my friend) to the office. so i yelled down the hallway, ‘why you gotta do that! he didn’t do anything! is it cause he’s black?!’  and he gave me lunch detention!
me: wow, you’re dumb. i told you he was in a bad mood today. and he’s black too. you definitely can’t use that excuse.

4.  while I was doing tutorials for the upcoming US history state test, i came across a question about nylon stocking shortages after world war II. i asked if they knew what nylon stockings were. they didn’t. so i said, “they’re like hose”. now i should know better, but i didn’t catch it. we then had a conversation about hos for about a minute before i realized they were messing with me. #rookiemistake.

5.  me: what are you doing besides singing badly and doing some kind of interpretive dance?

6.  me: you misspelled ‘admit’. you have to put a ‘d’ in it.
another student: yeah, you have to put the d in it.  (Then they just stared at me until i laughed because it was funny and I have a dirty mind.)

7. me: get up off the ground. you’re going to have to stop proposing marriage every day. it’s not going to happen. move on.

8.  me: alec, take your dang band uniform home. it’s been here for a week. i’m not babysitting your feather hat anymore.

9.  me: you should walk away now before i insult your outfit. (to a kid in the hall)

10.  me: listen, BK. you can’t have it your way.   (those are some convenient initials for a joke!)
student: real original, ms. rankin!

5•22 | high five for friday!

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my bday was this past weekend.  i spent the actual day alone, but the day before was fun.  i ended up having breakfast tacos with my bff.  that evening, i went to see the kiddos at prom and then dinner with some friends.  afterwards, i went to see pitch perfect 2.  (totally disappointed by it, btw.)

i love the succulent plant and planter my friend jessica gave me for my bday. i had mentioned months before that i wanted to start a little succulent container garden and she remembered.


i got my stitch fix this past week.  i kept the whole box because i LOVED all of it.  click HERE to see what i received and my review.


i spent my actual birthday out in the canyon.  besides getting some mosquito bites, being chased by some bees, and pulling cactus needles out of my butt, it was a great time!  :)  i would have done more hiking but because of our recent rain, the mosquitoes drove me out after a few hours.

i sat down in my favorite spot and wrote out a list of the things that i want for my 31st year.

the cactus were blooming and the butterflies (and mosquitoes) were everywhere.


there are only 3 and a half days of school left!!!  OMG.  this was only a three day week for me so it should have been easy, but it is like pulling teeth to get these kids finished.  we’ll get there, but it won’t be without some frustration along the way.



i am excited for this mini series on the history channel playing this weekend.  i hope that it’s historically accurate and entertaining.  i love this new trailer:

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stitch fix 5

Workout Wednesday – well hello there, kickboxing.  it’s been awhile.


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WOW 5•20 | well hello there, kickboxing. it’s been awhile.

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this time of the year is kind of crazy.  it’s hard to stay on schedule.  but i’m trying to make it work as best i can.  i’m not tracking my food every day, but almost every day.  and i’m still working out consistently 4-6 times a week.  i kind of miss the booty program, but i’m sticking with the core program until the end.  i have about two weeks left.

in doing the programs over the past few months, i have kind of neglected kickboxing lately.  but i’m feeling the urge to do more of it.  maybe it has something to do with the fact that my students are in full senioritis mode and are driving me crazy with their antics.  i feel like i need to hit something.  so when jessica smith came out with a new kickboxing workout WITH abs, i jumped right on that train.  it’s nonstop and tough.  the old school britney blasting in my background may have helped, but i enjoyed it.  kickboxing expels so much good and bad energy when i do it.  and i’m always a refreshed kind of tired afterwards, if that makes sense.  it’s a little less than 30 minutes long so i added a warm-up, an extra 10 minute abs burnout, and a pilates cool down to make it about 47 minutes. i’ll definitely do that combo again.

stitch fix 5

stitch fix review

i was disappointed by my fourth stitch fix so i was worried that it would start a trend.  i’ve had the same stylist for most of my fixes and i thought – does she not get me?  so i wrote a detailed note to her about what i wanted.  basically – no special care items, mainly neutrals, new and different styles, and something in blush.  … and she delivered.

my fifth fix was amazing!  i literally squealed when i opened the box and got a peak at the style guide.  then i unwrapped the tissue paper and tried everything on.  i loved everything!  there was one shirt that was a little sheer, but i can make it work.  i fell in love with everything.  i bought the whole box…again.

1.  the jeans fit perfectly.  they have a little stretch in them so they are tight, but comfortable.  i love the flare at the bottom.  i feel like that style is flattering to me, and i’m glad it’s coming back into style.

2.  the green tank is a little tight across the chest, but the color was so pretty and the style was flattering so i kept it.  it goes well with the gray cardigan.

3. i love the cream embroidered shirt!  it fits really well and the colors are so pretty.  i can see myself wearing it all summer.

4.  the gray cardigan is flattering and matches with lots of things i already have.  the back is ruffled just a bit to give it a feminine touch.

5.  the gold necklace has two strands, each with an emblem on the bottom.  i like the edge it can give an outfit.

i’ve already scheduled my next fix for mid july.  i don’t do stitch fix every month.  more like every three months.  i just can’t afford it.  but i enjoy the experience and i’ve had quite a bit of success with stitch fix.  it’s helped me build my wardrobe and find my own style.  i didn’t even realized that i liked the modern style until i started using the service.  most of my clothes are now modern with a side of classic.  it’s taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.  chances are it will pay off.

HERE‘s my first experience and impressions on the service

HERE’s info about my second box

HERE‘s info on my third box

and HERE‘s info on my fourth box and advice for first timers

interested in getting your own stitch fix?  click HERE for more information on the service.

turning the big 3 – 0…i mean, 1

after thirty, birthdays just aren’t as special, are they?  it’s still a birthday and it’s still fun, but they lack that excitement and anticipation.  also, people don’t give a shit if it’s your birthday.  when you’re eight, everyone better know it’s your birthday and celebrate it no matter what.  this would be a weird expectation when you’re turning 31. :). unless you’re one of those super confident bitches who celebrates a birthday week or even a birthday month. how those crazy girls convince other people to join in on their nonsense baffles me.

that’s not to say that all birthdays after thirty are bad.  they’re just different, more reflective.

you really think about the past year, what you accomplished, the struggles, and the triumphs.  it’s a good thing to look back.  it gives you some guidance for the next year.

i think part of it is to mourn the year that has passed, to really wallow (just for a teeny little bit) in some self-pity for the 365 days that will forever be in the past, for the mistakes and the missed opportunities.

and then hopefully you move on and really appreciate the day.  you do something really fun with some of the people that you love and that love you back.  if that’s not possible, you try to find peace with it and still enjoy the day because it will come and go whether you want it to or not.

the next day, you’ll be expected to return to your regularly scheduled programing.  you want to go into that with a positive attitude and hope that the next year will be even brighter and better than the last one.

5•15 | high five for friday!

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there are nine days of school left in the year.  i think i’m going to make it…  :)


i got my birchbox and stitch fix this week.  i was a little underwelmed by my birchbox.  the items were nice, but not life changing or anything.  my stitch fix, on the other hand, was incredible.  more on that next week.


erin condren teased a sneak peak of the new version of her life planner on instagram this week.  for various reasons, people lost their shit…with excitement, anger, and frustration.  i for one am excited.  i love the new changes they have in store for the new planner and am planning on ordering it in june.  i always wanted to start my planner to follow the school year and here’s my chance!


in the past week, my mama had mother’s day and her birthday.  it’s fun to shop for her, but hard because she won’t tell me what she wants.  so this year, i tried one of the special edition boxes from birchbox.  i’m so glad she loved it because i almost kept it for myself because it was so cool.


i went to a going away party for some work friends this past weekend.  it was good to spend some time together with everyone before the summer (and the goodbyes).  and then i had dinner with my couple friends at a new pizza place in town.  not only did i eat the whole hawaiian pizza (so good!!) but we talked for almost three hours.  they recharge me!  and i’m going to make more of an effort to spend time with them.

i’ve been wanting to meet this little girl for awhile. she belongs to one of the ladies i work with. not only was she super sweet, but she’s a Hemingway cat (6 toes!).


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thursday’s thought


i want to meet john green.  i just want to have coffee with him and pick his brain for a few hours.  i show his history youtube videos in my classes.  the kids love him.  and i love his wit and sarcasm that they don’t usually catch.  i haven’t read his books, but they’re on my list.  he’s just so knowledgable, sweet, and still realistic.

teaching tip 32. senioritis is a real thing.

teaching tips from {a tattooed teacher in texas}

it’s catching.  high school seniors are the most susceptible children to get it.  there is no cure.

when i first started teaching high school, i thought that i knew how to be motivating and exciting as a teacher.  nope.  i didn’t have a clue.  seriously, i was faking the confidence for the first two years at least.  i had no idea what i was doing.

so when i was faced with a few seniors that first year, i didn’t know what to do when they started to not care about anything in the second semester.  i was perplexed.  how could you not care about your grades?  how could you respond to your teacher like that?

but as the years passed by and i taught more and more seniors, i learned to deal with it better.  every senior faces graduation in a different way.  some are motivated and committed to the end.  some just want to pass.  some struggle beginning in october.

even though it’s difficult, try not to take it personally.  it’s not about you or what you’re teaching.  they’re just scared and unsure about everything.  their priorities are all mixed up, and they’re not sure what to put at the top.  some of them are still too immature to deal with what comes next.

so do what you can with what you’ve got.  find their interests and try to channel their energy there.  one of my most successful unit in my economics class is at the end of the semester because it is personal finance, something they will most definitely need and use in the near future.  research projects are always good too, especially if they have a choice of what they can do with it.

just know that you can’t cure their senioritis.  it will happen regardless of what you do.  try to roll with it as best as you can and hold on for dear life.  there will be times when it is incredibly frustrating and you’ll want to tear your hair out.  maybe you even need to take a moment in the hall to collect yourself before facing them again.  do it.  do whatever you have to do to get through the last few weeks.

updated 5•12•15

5•8 | high five for friday!

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this was teacher appreciation week.  for the record, it’s not the big gestures that teachers want.  it’s the little ones like this note from one of my students…

the picture at the bottom displays his “awesome” dancing skills, which i make fun of all the time (but secretly love).


my sister and i have always had a love for the royal family. this week was exciting because princess charlotte elizabeth diana was born.


i put together my april favorites (a little late).  i always like doing those posts because i really get to reflect on the month: makeup, books, music, memories, etc.  all the good and bad.  it’s fun and helpful.


seriously, that foundation is amazeballs.


we got some rain this week.  with it being so dry this year, we are so grateful for it.  but the rain usually comes with severe weather.  when you’re in tornado alley, you have to take it seriously.  luckily, this week’s rain came without much craziness.  but look at those clouds!


in my world history class this week, we studied the holocaust.  at the end of the lesson, i had them read this poem by martin niemoller.  they then had to write their own version of the poem.  i got some good ones, but this one was really touching because i know that she was writing from her own experiences.

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Workout Wednesday – the never ending plateau

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WOW 5•6 | the never ending plateau

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 so i took my measurements this past weekend. no real changes except in the boob area. seriously? i mean, I always want them smaller. but what about the rest of my body? maybe take from there too?!

but whatever… i’m almost used to the no progress/plateau thing. it’s been going on so long that i can barely remember a time when i did lose pounds and inches. oh yeah, it was this time last year. that’s a crazy long plateau. i’ve tried just about everything i can think of: great workouts, counting calories and macros, getting enough sleep, cutting out almost all alcohol, only one cheat day a week. nothing seems to help much. 

one thing i won’t do is cut any more calories. i’ve found my sweet spot where i have energy during the day and for my workouts without overdoing it. i started a new fitness blender program this week for my core because if i can’t lose any pounds or inches, i might as well tone everything up in that area. the lower body program did wonders (no, really!) so i have high expectations for this one. 

this 52 minute workout was the last workout on my lower body program. It is probably one of my all-time favorites. it includes a warmup and cool down.  it has two parts: cardio/strength intervals and a pilates burnout.  it’s tough, but a great all around workout.

any advice on how to get over this no progress hump?

april 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

i get oily in the spring/summer time.  these are my fave products that last forever and give you “that glow”.

 loreal infallible foundation – i’m a little bit late to this train, but holy crap!  this foundation is amazing.  it’s medium coverage, but it is not heavy.  it makes my skin look flawless.  i don’t wear it every day but it’s nice when i need it.

maybelline color tattoo cream shadow in bad to the bronze

neutrogena shine control powder

physicians formula bronze booster bronzer

{favorite eats}

frittata – i tried it this month with steak, cottage cheese, and mushrooms.  mmm…protein!

this skinny chicken salad recipe

why can’t i stop thinking about onion rings from sonic?  i don’t even like onion rings that much.  i don’t know…

{favorite books}

the deal and the mistake by elle kennedy – sometimes you just need to take a break from the heavy reading.  these books did the trick.

the longest ride by nicholas sparks – i still have a few chapters, but i thought i’d put it on the list.  i liked it but didn’t love it.

man’s search for meaning by viktor frankel – this is the book i need a break from.  it’s incredible and makes me think so much, but it is definitely heavy.

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

vikings – this history channel show is pretty great.  i wish the seasons were longer, but they pack so much into the few episodes that it kind of works.

scrotal recall – this netflix show is funny and sweet, which is right up my alley.

william clark green – his new album is great!  the sound is new but i like it.  it works.

alabama shakes – game. changer.  such an amazing new album.

{favorite words}


{my own favorite posts}

teaching tip 55. hang on until the end

WOW 4.22 | finding a schedule again


erin condren life planner: update & concerns

peek inside my planner – april 2015

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

easy and fresh by the small things blog

inside my planner | april by paper & glam

the windy shitty by the daily tay

motivational mantras by jessica smith

the introvert’s guide to staying alive by the storyline blog

three lessons i’ve learned from my capsule wardrobe by unfancy

{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

only about 20 days of school left for the year!


RAIN!  (this is serious in the texas panhandle.)

being sick.  :(

william clark green and strangetowne concerts



trying out IIFYM (and the ensuing frustration.)

finishing the Fitness Blender better booty program.


Rex Manning Day!

having to buy new brakes (and other boring and expensive adult purchases)

this guy being cute while i was folding laundry and coming up with this list.



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december 2014

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5•1 | high five for friday!

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i had my last evaluation and post evaluation conference of the year at school.  i’m so glad it’s over.  we have a new principal so i wasn’t sure what to expect.  turns out i’m “exceeding expectations”.  i already knew that, but it’s nice to hear.  just kidding!!  even after 8 years i have plenty of things to work on.  but with only 19 school days left, i’m ready to say goodbye to this year!


i have been to see two great texas country bands play in the past couple of weeks: william clark green and strangetowne.  love them both!  there’s just something about live music that renews me.

william clark green!

at strangetowne concert!


i am finishing up my fitness blender better booty program this week.  these past four weeks have flown by, and i’ve really enjoyed it!  it definitely worked.  i’m excited to start the core one soon!


my friend jess and i had one of our last #bitcheswhobrunch get-togethers.  she broke the news to me that she’s moving home to save up some money.  as a “starving artist”, i kind of expected it in the back of my mind.  but it’s still sad that we have to say adios for awhile.  i’m planning on a trip to our hometown so i’ll see her again soon.  we still cried a little about it though.  and then laughed for three hours straight.

unexpectedly twinning! we were both literally wearing gray and yellow from head to toe.


this thursday, i got to go to a workshop…aka a break with adult conversation.  it ended up being a very interesting day.  it was on developing creativity in gifted/talented students.  i got a lot of new ideas and found my workshop soulmate.

i just sat down somewhere randomly and this girl goes, “how much group work do you think we’ll have to do?  can you hand me some highlighters and post-its?  and just so you know if i have to share out five thousand times, i’m going to kill myself.”  it was a moment like in stepbrothers – are we best friends now?  :)

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peek inside my planner | april 2015

my 2015 EC Life Planner

i feel like i got a little lazy in april in a lot of areas, including my planner.  but i still liked this month’s pages for the most part.

so here they are, my april pages:

*i’ve blurred some things for confidentiality reasons.

check out my erin condren referral link HERE if you’re interested in an EC life planner and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)