WOW 3•4 | time to set another goal

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tomorrow, i will be finished with my 8 week program from fitness blender.  i am so excited to be done with it, not because it’s done but because i finished it.  i did the whole thing, including those two days i missed.  i’m looking forward to startIng it over because i know i’m going to do an even better job on round 2.  the first time was for getting a feel for everything, for building up my strength again, and for relearning how to fuel my body.  i had some positives and negatives.  i’m ready to try again.

the plan for the next 8 weeks:

  • cheat less on meals! – one day (3 meals) a week max
  • continue to track meals in my planner
  • continue to meal plan but do a better job!
  • journal any successes and struggles
  • continue to workout 4-6 times a week
  • push harder on HIIT intervals
  • continue to adapt for my wrist without making excuses
  • finish the 8 week program (again!)
  • as it gets warmer, get outside!

february 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

neutrogena skin enhancer – my skin gets dry in the winter and needs a break from foundation every now and then.  i like this bb cream a couple of times a week instead of foundation.

laura geller supercharged primer – i’m still loving this primer.  it makes my foundation go on smoothly.

loreal infallible pro-spray make-up extender – after i finished a bottle of my urban decay setting spray, i decided to try this one.  it does the job, and it’s about half the price too.

loreal brow stylist plumper – i haven’t used the tinted version yet.  i’m sticking with the transparent one for now.  i like it though so when i’m done with this one, i’ll switch to the tinted one.

loreal brow stylist designer – this pencil is great!  i especially like the spoolie on the end.  i use this before the plumper.

{favorite eats}

bang bang chicken – it’s spicy but so worth it.

key lime cheesecake from crush, a wine bar in Amarillo

{favorite books}

little big lies by liane moriarty – so good!!!  i didn’t guess the ending at all.  i read the last few chapters late one night because i couldn’t put it down.

yes, please by amy poehler – she’s hilarious.  period.

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

vikings on history channel – such a great show!  season three started this month.

fifty shades of grey – i had to put it on the list.  you can’t take it too seriously or you won’t get it.

vance joy – i found his music this past summer, but for some reason i cannot turn off his channel on pandora lately.  his music is so beautiful.

the slap – this new tv show is fascinating.  i don’t really like any of the characters, but that’s what makes it interesting.

{favorite words}



{my own favorite posts}

my spirit guides (aka my parents)

Erin Condren planner supplies

what i’ve learned being a teacher blogger

Workout Wednesday – don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

50 ways to stay motivated to lose weight by jessica smith – after reading this list, i started making one for myself (future blog post!)

the perfect mimosa by the pineapple cake

life is not a movie by the single woman

18 things i do when i get my hair done by the daily tay (so funny!)

{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

completing the fourth six weeks – ⅔ of the school year is finished!  i think i say it every year, but it has gone by SO fast!

getting through another valentine’s day alone…but with great friends!


sticking to my fitness blender 8 week program and being excited about finishing it.

meeting my parents and sister for the weekend and the important conversations that happened during that short time.


seeing a friend go through a tough situation that could honestly have happened to me a million times.  sometimes that’s all you need to be reminded of what is really important.

cooking a new recipe each week.  some have turned out better than others, but i haven’t hated anything.

this sweet little bowl made by a student.


my third #bitcheswhobrunch with my friend jessica.

having fun with my erin condren planner.



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the stars at night are big and bright

{clap, clap, clap, clap}


…deep in the heart of texas!


it’s no secret around here that i love my home state.  now i don’t know any different, but i can say with full certainty that texas is the best state.  so happy 179th birthday, texas!

while watching the history channel earlier in the year, i saw a preview for “texas rising”.  this new miniseries will chronicle the founding of texas.  it’s set to premiere memorial day.  it looks like a great series!

2•27 | high five for friday!

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i have four days left of my 8 week workout program.  i am so excited that i’m finishing it because i usually give up on longer programs.  i haven’t lost much weight, but there have been lots of non-scale victories along the way like gaining lots of strength, sleeping better, and making better food choices.

my little helper during after workout 


what is it about a haircut that is so transformative?  having someone scrub your head, comb through your hair, and literally chop pieces off of you.  i don’t know, but even a trim is amazing to me.


the school week started off with a late start, which usually results in a chaotic day.  and it was.  i had a student come in to finish some economics work after school.  he was getting everything wrong and after the day i’d had, i couldn’t stop laughing because he wasn’t anywhere close to knowing what he was doing.  (we have a good relationship so laughing at him didn’t hurt his feelings.  he understood.)  he eventually said, “i don’t know how to do this!”.  i said, “i know.  but if it makes you feel better, i just figured out this week that narwals are real animals and not mythical creatures.”  #truestory  we both laughed then and he replied, “that does make me feel better.”  i got him back on track, and after that, the rest of that week was surprisingly good.



last month, i joined the paper and glam book club on Facebook.  this month’s pick was “not that kind of girl”, which i read in the fall so i’ve skipped ahead to the march read – “yes, please”.  i’ve never been a part of a book club, and it’s kind of fun!  plus, i love paper and glam.  lisamarie’s passion, love of planners, and encouraging spirit is great.


it’s been snowy/cold all week here.  that’s uncharacteristic of my part of texas.  we’re more comfortable with blistering hot and windy.  maybe that’s what made me little grumpy and tired this week too.

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thursday’s thoughts

forever 29

10 things that will make you realize you’re actually an adult now:

1. you get excited about low gas prices.
2. your metabolism is shot to hell and you’re reminded of it by your ever expanding waistline.
3. you find yourself saying “kids these days” followed by something you would have found funny when you were sixteen.
4. you get pissed off by horrible customer service, and if angry enough will contact a manager.
5. you can’t handle loud concerts anymore and choose to stand in a spot (or even better, sit in a chair) appropriately away from the giant speakers.
6. you can’t drink like you used to and require an entire day or two to recuperate from a single night of excess.
7. you appreciate the finer things in life, like good coffee, high thread count sheets, and organic grass-fed beef.
8. you make expensive purchase like houses and cars and are actually excited about it.
9. you look at clothes in stores and think: who the hell would wear that!! …as a teenage girl walks up and exclaims “how cute is that?!”
10. you ask things like “does he have a college degree?” and “how old is he?” and “does he have any children?” about men that you’re interested in.

WOW 2•25 | almost done!

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i realized this week that i have one more week left of my 8 week fitness blender program.  i finished day 45 yesterday.  that’s awesome for me!  i was worried that i would give up or get bored and not finish and now i am just a few workouts away from finishing the whole workout program.

and i decided this past weekend that…i’m going to do it again!  i thought about doing the 30 minute workout program, but i am just now feeling (and seeing some of) the effects of pushing myself.  i want more.  i need the challenge again.  and then maybe when i’m done with the second round at the end of april i will back off just a little bit and try the 30 minute one.

i feel motivated again.  and it’s addicting.  i don’t want to miss a workout.  i’m excited (most of the time) to get it done each day.  it’s helping me stay on track with my food too.  i’m still working on getting better at sticking to my meal plan and not indulging too much.  but i do have to say that i’m better than i was three months ago.

changes are happening.  i’m excited to see what another eight weeks will do for me.  by this time next week, i’ll be done with the first round.  i have two workouts to make up that i missed and then…AGAIN!  :)

i encourage anyone who feels lost about what to do to get back in shape to try the fitness blender challenges.  i started with their 5 day ones on youtube and then took the plunge.  it’s made all the difference.  it’s so easy to have all the workouts planned and ready to go each day.  it’s only $10, and you can do them over and over.  there’s lots of variety, and you can tell that there was a lot of thought put into how it’s structured.  for example, this week i have some pilates and short strength and HIIT workouts to gear up for a 1000 calorie workout on thursday.  some weeks focus more on strength and others on endurance.  each week is different, and it’s always mixed up.  your body is constantly having to adapt.  i think this is one of the reasons why i have improved in all areas.

anyway, this wasn’t intended to turn into a testimonial for fitness blender.  it’s just good stuff.  check out their website!  or just go on youtube for tons of free workouts.

here’s the workout i’m doing tomorrow.  i’ve done a couple 1000 calorie workouts before, but…eek!  wish me luck!

what i’ve learned being a teacher blogger

i started this blog a little over two years ago.  i was bored with my older one, and it just didn’t feel right anymore.  i needed a fresh start with a new blog that represented me as an adult and not a college student.  the previous blog was fine for that time in my life and my first few years of teaching.  but i needed to move on to something different and better.  so a tattooed teacher in texas was born.

at first, i didn’t tell anyone about it.  i wanted to get all the kinks out first.  (lesson number one: you never get the kinks out.)  i learned more about coding and design.  i changed everything about a hundred times.  and through many, many posts, i found my voice and a small but awesome audience.

here’s what i’ve learned:

  • never name your school – yeah, people could probably figure it out if they tried hard enough, but it’s important to keep that information private
  • don’t share any student information or names (same with parents, coworkers, bosses, etc.)
  • never talk bad about specific coworkers or students – always use general statements
  • don’t write about teaching only.  you are more than a teacher.  i have learned that i am a woman who is creative and interested in social issues, beauty products, clothes, music, etc.
  • don’t give out your blog info unless you want people to read it because no matter how uninteresting you think you are, someone out there wants to read what you have to say
  • choose your words carefully when writing about situations that come up at school
  • the students probably won’t find it unless they’re actually looking for it – they just don’t care that much
  • humor is always a good idea :)
  • write your posts ahead of time and keep a backlog of potential posts (i rarely write a live post because i want to make sure that what is written is actually what i want to say.)
  • make fun of yourself. people relate and respond to it.
  • you can connect with teachers all over the country and world
  • bloglovin’ is your friend.  i read all of my favorite blogs directly from there.  it’s just so easy to have everything in one place.
  • negative comments hurt, but they are a reality when dealing with the trolls on the internet
  • complete strangers can be incredibly uplifting and supportive

i’m looking forward to many more years with this blog.  it’s been a blessing in that it gives me a way to connect with people while also reflecting on teaching and my life.

2•20 | high five for friday!

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today is the end of the 4th six weeks.  that means we are ⅔ done with the school year!  it has flown by.  this week, however, has not.  my 12th graders’ senioritis is kicking in.  this is how i felt all week…



i had great workouts this week.  i didn’t miss any and i really pushed it…pushed it real good.  :)  it’s amazing what making the time and effort to work out regularly does for my attitude.  i need it.



this weekend, i will be debt free.  for the first time probably ever.  i will be paying off my car loan early.  now on to saving up for a house!  i don’t know how long it will take me to make that happen, but that’s the next thing on my list.


i spent valentine’s with some friends.  saw “fifty shades of grey” because why not?  and had some beers and wings.  probably the best valentines…or should i say galentine’s day ever.



my new recipe this week was bang bang chicken.  it was spicy but delish!  there are a lot of variations out there, but i went with THIS RECIPE because it was simple, easy, and incorporated my beloved sriracha.  i used it for my lunches over some broccoli slaw because i couldn’t find any of the beautiful purple cabbage from the inspiration picture in the store right now.  i also had some grapefruit to take away the sting of the hot stuff.


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THE GOOD LIFE BLOGThe Diary of a Real HousewifeCup of Tea

thursday’s thought



i remember first hearing this quote on one of her podcasts last year. i was driving in the car back from Santa Fe. i reminded it and listened to it again because it was that important to me to hear at that time. but these words are something that i think i need to hear periodically to push me forward.

WOW 2•18 | don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

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i’ve been struggling with my motivation for the past couple of weeks.  i finished day 36 (out of a total of 38 so far) of my fitness blender 8 week challenge.  for some reason, missing those two days so far has really bothered me.  i wanted to stick to it.  but things come up.  life happens.  and sometimes you miss a workout here and there.

here’s the thing though…36 out of 38 is great.  that’s five workouts each week for over five weeks so far.  add in the two one-week challenges i did before that and that’s over seven weeks of consistent workouts.  that’s an accomplishment for me.  i should feel proud of it.  and i am.  but i’m also annoyed that i’m not seeing the results i want.  i have messed up on my food quite a bit.  in my head, i know that’s where i need to put my focus now.  the workouts are rolling along and i’m gaining my muscle back.  to get that scale moving and the inches melting off, i need to be more strict with my food.


back at the beginning of january, i told myself – one treat day a week.  well…one day has turned into two and then three during the busy weeks.  and i know i’m just sabotaging myself.  how many times have i heard –  you can’t out train a bad diet.  i know better.  so i need to do better.

this whole process is baby steps when i want to take giant leaps.  but i’m coming to realize that i need to acknowledge the progress i’ve made so far.  no, i haven’t dropped many pounds, but i’m healthy, feeling great, and working out about an hour a day for five days a week on a regular basis.  that alone is a breakthrough.  now that i have consistent workouts, on to the next step: consistent healthy eating.  i won’t be counting calories this time around.  it makes me obsessive and is counterproductive.  but i will be sticking to that one treat day from now on.

even with the frustration i’m feeling lately, i want to finish this challenge with a bang.  and then do another one.  i can’t decide if i want to do the 30 minute challenge or try a different one.  i guess i’ve got another couple of weeks to decide.  i just have to keep going and at the same time remember the great foundation that i’ve laid already.

EC life planner supplies

my 2015 EC Life Planner
since getting into planner journaling with my erin condren life planner, i’ve been collecting supplies.  surprisingly, i already had quite a bit of stuff.  i’ve always been pretty crafty.  i had some washi and pens and a few stickers.  i could have just made do, but i wanted to get some things that were specifically for the planner.  enter etsy.  after a few quick searches, i found a bunch of great stores. check out THIS POST for the list of my favorite shops.

after my initial etsy shopping explosion, i realized i needed to cut back.  so although i might order a few more stickers in the next few months, but i don’t see my collection expanding much from here.  i have pretty much everything i need.  i like stickers, but i don’t want my pages covered in them.  same with washi.  i love the skinny washi for the times of the day.

so here’s some of my current collection:

EC life planner supplies

EC life planner supplies - inside my "toolbox"

inside my “toolbox”


EC life planner supplies - planner stickers

i keep my stickers in a cheap photo album. it’s easier to find and see all of them that way.

EC life planner supplies

EC life planner supplies - weekly box pictures

i made these in microsoft word and printed them using the “picture” setting.



EC life planner supplies

EC life planner supplies - washi tape

i got these all at target, michael’s, and hobby lobby.

check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested in an EC life planner and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

2•13 | high five for friday!

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this week at school felt soooo long.  i was struggling with motivating myself and having a good attitude.  but on tuesday, one of my favorite students (yes, we teachers have favorites!)  brought me a gift she made for me with one of my favorite quotes on it.  i didn’t realize what she wanted the quote for she asked for my favorite author.  it was so sweet.  it’s now sitting on my desk as my post-it holder.



i had a great weekend with my parents and sisters.  i headed down to lubbock on friday afternoon.  i met up with my mama and sister, Chase for a movie and dinner.  we did a little shopping the next morning and then spent the rest of the time at my daddy’s regional swim meet.  he recently went back to high school swimming from college teaching and coaching.  it’s fun to watch him back at it.  and it was exciting to watch some competitive swimming too.


sweating it out up in the stands!



me and daddio after the meet.



i LOVED my february birchbox.  (okay, the mascara was just okay, but everything else was awesome!)  it came really early.  i wasn’t expecting it until next week.  i didn’t even get a tracking number or notice so it was a wonderful surprise!  the shampoo and conditioner smell so amazing.



apparently, i’ve been living under a rock terrified of hot sauces for several years because i just now realized how amazing sriracha is.  i have a very low tolerance for hot stuff, but the flavor is so good.  i just put a few little dots of it on whatever i’m eating.  it’s super spicy but i can’t seem to resist it lately.  also, i tried an israeli salad with my lunches this week.  it reminds me of summer.  :)

the oatmeal

now i understand all of the sriracha cartoons from the oatmeal.



if you’re not following laurenwhiteboard on instagram, go do it right now.  she’s hilarious.  she takes quotes or funny sayings and puts them in cute lettering on her whiteboard.  pretty simple concept, but her posts always brighten my day.  i’ve especially enjoyed her valentine’s galentine’s day themed boards this week.

from @laurenswhiteboard on instagram

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THE GOOD LIFE BLOGThe Diary of a Real HousewifeCup of Tea

WOW 2•11 | impatience and persistence

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no progress on the scale.

most of the time i’m okay with that because i know that i’m working hard.  but there are these moments when i get so discouraged and pissed off.  it’s been a month and i’m not really dropping any lbs.


i found this picture above last year when i was looking for inspiration on pinterest.  it’s so true.  that stupid number is powerful.  it’s not the most important thing, but it does have value.  i have this exact scale in white.  i should totally get a paint pen and write this statement on there.  it’s difficult to remember when you are standing there staring at that number wishing it was lower.

i’m impatient about losing the weight/gaining the muscle and tone.  but i’m persistent.  i know what i want and what to do to get there.  the time will pass no matter what i do.  but if i use it wisely, it will pay off.


my spirit guides

two things happened this weekend that changed my perception of my parents. you know, often we just think of them based only on being parents. we forget that they are people too. they’ve had lives before us and after we’ve left the nest.

as i get older, we’ve become more of friends. yes, they are still my parents but they are more than that. they’re my guides and my confidants and my encouragers.

roots and wings

because of a couple of conversations with my mom this weekend, i learned that she is a brave woman who dealt with probably the hardest situation in her life when she was still so very young with grace and grit. and she did it by herself because she felt that she had to. i’m proud of her. i admire her bravery. i hope…no, i know that i’ve inherited some of that independence and strength. but i’m still working on tapping into it.

the other thing that happened was that my daddy said “i’m sorry”. it’s a family trait build into our dna to not say those two words. part of it is the Scottish in us and the rest is just plain stubbornness. even though it was a little thing to say sorry for and didn’t really matter to me, he said it. twice actually. and i’m proud of him for doing that for me. i need to do more apologizing when it’s necessary too.

i think i put my parents on a pedestal growing up, as most kids do in good homes. as i journeyed through my twenties and learned more, i expected different things from them. but why? i’m just like them. i got half from my mom and half from my dad. it makes sense that i have their traits. i’m far from perfect and never will be.  and i shouldn’t expect perfection from them either.

i like that as i’m getting older with them, i’m learning more and more from them and about them – good and bad. even if they don’t know it, it helps me become better to see their struggles and their triumphs, past and present.  just like they shaped me as a child, they continue to shape me as an adult.