8•28 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas




the first week of school is under my belt.  and it was GREAT.  so good i was questioning it and waiting for something bad to happen.  it wasn’t perfect, but it was a really good start.  click HERE for a quick tour of my classroom!


fear the walking dead started this week.  my expectations weren’t very high because i was very skeptical.  but it watched the first episode on monday (on amazon prime since i’ve cut the cord).  and then i watched it again, just to make sure i understood everything.  it was good.  really good.

the wait is over!


my workouts this week happened, but some of them could have been better.  but i feel good.  i feel motivated to keep going.  i’m down seven pounds since the beginning of the summer and haven’t changed much.  my workouts are going really well and i’m controlling my food for the most part.  just gotta keep going!  this guy at the pool asked me if i was training for a triathlon.  after i stopped laughing, i said, “no, i’m training for life”.  unfortunately, he didn’t get me…


i had my first meeting with teachers with my new hat on: 21st century learning coach.  and it went well.  i was so relieved.  i get so nervous when i have to start something.  once i get going, i’m fine though.  i can see this position pushing me further as a teacher and coach so… i decided to go to grad school this week.  i am starting in the spring!  luckily, my school will be paying for most of it, which is making it possible for me.

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thursday’s thought


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thursday’s thought


sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that happiness doesn’t just happen.  i have to make it happen with the right attitude.  we started back to school this week.  back to school always feels like a fresh start to me.  it wasn’t a bad summer, but it wasn’t good either.  i can do better.  i can be happy.


classroom tour 2015-16

i usually don’t buy all new decorations, but the things i had from the years past were all worn out.  so i decided to drop about $60 on some new stuff at Mardel.  i’m still sticking with mainly a black theme, but there’s some cute new patterns going on.

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

please pick up table for them to pick up their papers for the day.

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

numbered desks for an easy seating chart

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

table of contents for their interactive notebook

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

a little note for the first day with the seating chart. this is where i’ll post the daily learning targets and any notes about the day.

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

view of the back of the room.

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

rules, copies of the classroom procedures, sports schedules for the fall, bell schedule and the class calendars.

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

class calendars

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

past work folders for extra papers and the class notebooks that I keep along with the students.

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

bookshelf with new textbooks and supplies

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

east wall

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

west wall

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

front of the classroom/north wall with promethean board and iPad cart

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

turn in trays and document camera

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

cell phone safe area

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

behind my desk area. (excuse the mess!)

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

my desk area

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

word wall pieces, detention slips, and 21st Century learning documentation ready to go

2015-16 Classroom Tour with |a tattooed teacher in texas|

view from my desk

teaching tip 9. decorate your classroom!

{originally posted on 8•5•13 | updated on 8•18•14 and 8•24•15}

teaching tips from {a tattooed teacher in texas}

my favorite thing to do at the beginning of the year is to decorate. it’s time to get focused on the year ahead and have a little fun being creative.

i didn’t start out so well with decorating. and it’s not what you might think when i say that. i over-decorated. i had gotten it into my head that i must have a room of only Mary Engelbreit stuff. i just thought that was what a teacher’s room looked like. i had seen a teacher use it and it was so homey. however, i think that maybe i was using the mindset of an elementary school teacher rather than a high school teacher. i over used all of the crap that i bought. i must have used the ENTIRE line of the stuff. i also spent a fortune. we’re talking like $300 or more. it was ridiculous. so i switched it up the next year.

decorating your room is important.  it creates an environment that is organized for learning…if you do it right.  have another teacher look it over to see if things flow and make sense.  i always stage a quick run through with a teacher friend so i can see it from a student’s perspective.  they’ll feel more at ease if they walk into an environment that is predictable, comfortable, and organized.

here’s what i’ve learned:

1. choose a theme.
i suggest you go with something simple like two basic colors. for example, pink/lime green, brown/red, blue/red, etc. i have been using black and white as my base colors for the past two years and plan on doing it again. the advantage of using the same colors means that you just have to buy “updates” instead of all new stuff. so for example, the only things i bought for this coming year were three borders and two blank posters.

2. keep it simple
it’s best to keep everything at a minimum. you don’t need a poster on every inch of the walls. three motivational posters is more than enough. utilize your bulletin boards. change them up by using different borders and background paper. i love color. that’s how i interject it into the room rather than throwing stuff up on the walls. use small tables and bookshelves to keep things spaced and organized around the room. ask other teachers where to find these types of things or ask them if they have extras. it may take a few years to figure out exactly how you want it.

3. make it flow
it sounds dumb, but walk around the room like the kids would. sit in their chairs and look around. make sure that the locations of your turn-in trays or supplies are easily accessible. put yourselves in the kids’ shoes. it needs to work for them and not necessarily for you. yes, it is more convenient to have the turn-in trays near your desk. but is it the best place for the kids?

4. store your junk correctly
at Mardel or any other teacher supply store, they sell these cardboard or plastic contraptions to hold your posters. i highly suggest you get one. they’re worth every penny. and i made one for my borders using a long piece of cardboard and some packing tape. it’s so much easier to find things if they’re laying flat and all in one place. plastic bins and boxes with lids are so a lifesaver. they keep out the dust (and bugs!) and are stackable.

5. do a border exchange with a group of teachers
this is a fun way to get “new” borders or other materials without actually buying any. it will be in smaller amounts, but it may give you a starting point if you’re completely redecorating or just something to shake up your old look.

6.  stick to your budget
you can spend a fortune buying things for your classroom.  set an amount and stick to it.  in the beginning, i spent over $300.  i didn’t even realize i was doing it until i added up the receipts.  i was just excited.  now, i know better.  i don’t spend more than about $60 at the beginning of the year.  and the supplies i buy then are for the whole year.  i may need to buy some pencils, pens, paper, etc. but that’s it.  (i am a high school teacher though.  if you are elementary, you may need to get creative with your buying.)

8•21 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


ugh…this week, y’all.  not one for the books.  i wasn’t even going to do it, but i’ve been bad about not doing my high five for friday posts.  i say it’s because i don’t have much going on, but the truth is, i can always find something good that has happened to write about…even if i have to dig deep for it. but it’s funny to look at my stats because they kind of sum up my life lately.  these are some of the terms that people have googled and found me.  the “wild” one is kind of weird though because i just started rereading it a couple of days ago!


i tried my first trendsend this past weekend.  basically, they send you clothes, you try them on, keep what you like, and send back the rest.  you go online and pay for what you kept.  it’s super fun and i’ve been more successful with it than with stitch fix.  next one is due in a month!



we are starting school on monday.  this week was full of meetings and errands and trainings.  i feel excited though.  i want this year to be a good one.  and if there’s anything i learned from last year, it’s that i have to decide that it’s going to be good.


this month’s birchbox was great!  i especially like the dry shampoo and lip crayon.


i am meeting with a financial advisor today.  eek!  it’s not that i’m bad with money.  i just know that i can do better, and i’m not great with criticism.  hope it goes well!  retirement is important, right?  it’s hard to see forty or fifty years down the road…

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peek inside my planner | july 2015



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thursday’s thought

so i made an appointment with a financial advisor.  i’ve been putting it off and i didn’t want to, but i finally did it.

let me back up…

this week, we had some financial advisors come to school and speak to us about retirement savings.  in my head, i had a bad attitude about it.  i had other things i needed to do to get ready for the first week of school.  more importantly though, i didn’t want to be reminded about the fact that i’m not where i thought i’d be at this age.  still, i listened even though i didn’t want to and learned a couple of things.  (except the stuff that required math.  i’ll leave that to someone else to figure out.)

i consider myself pretty good with money, but it’s an uphill battle being a single woman with one income to do everything by myself.  in one way, i’m proud of myself and my accomplishments.  i have some specific financial goals for this year, and i’m going to reach them early.  but those are things i probably should have taken care of years ago.  but i was scared to go out on the limb.  and i thought that maybe someone would come along to help me with those goals.  but alas…that hasn’t happened.  and i’ve come to the realization that i need to take charge and do it myself.  i’ve gotten this far alone.  i can keep going.

my thirty first year doesn’t look like what i thought my life would be like.  it’s different.  and that’s okay.  i’m adjusting.  but i can’t hold onto those old ideas anymore.  it only makes me sad and disappointed.  what makes me happy is making a life for myself that i’m proud of and being/becoming a person who deserves it.  and though it brings me joy, it is also terrifying.  i’m up for the challenge though.

teaching tip 57. know your responsibilities.

teaching tips from {a tattooed teacher in texas}

school starts for me in one week.  i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past few years lately.  i want to know what i did right and what i can improve on.  in the beginning, i didn’t know anything.

with the first few years, there will be a lot of unknowns.  you won’t have the experience that other teachers will have.  but you will have the excitement and energy, and that’s important too.  as you gain experience, sometimes you lose sight of those things.  with the excitement comes responsibility too.  so here are a few things that you will be responsible for:

  • knowing your content – luckily, you’ve got some background in your content.  but study up on the things that you are rusty on.  follow your state standards.  learn more as you go.
  • being the leaderno need to be their friend.  just be prepared for class and confident in your abilities.  there will be times when you don’t feel in control.  this is normal.  but as soon as you feel that happening, turn it around.
  • providing a safe environmentorganization and a routine are key!  set the rules and follow them.  establish positive and negative consequences – use them.
  • being innovative – try new things.  they may fail, but they might not!  use technology and strategies.  even if it doesn’t work, there’s plenty of lessons to be learned in the trying.
  • developing relationships with your students – learn about your students as people.  encourage them and don’t be afraid to use humor.
  • establishing and communicating objectives – set clear goals and tell the kids where they’re going and what they will learn.
  • delivering instruction – more than anything: be prepared.  also, keep direct instruction to a minimum or deliver it in chunks.  remember that kids have trouble paying attention for too long.
  • teaching strategies for test-taking, reading, writing, etc. – use strategies that are useful and easy that they can use on standardized tests and your assessments.
  • attending to any students with special needs/gifted needs – don’t leave these kids behind.  they’re special and learn in a different way.  they just need a little extra help.
  • providing feedback to students and parents – grade quickly and return papers.  this is difficult because grading is the worst.  but it’s a necessary evil.  discuss any grading issues in private with the student.  contact the child’s guardian if there are any issues.  don’t wait too long!  keep them in the loop.
  • completing your duties – you may have dance duty or need to watch over the kids during lunch or be required to work the concession stand for a football game.  whatever it is, do it. if you can’t make it, find someone to replace you or switch with you.  but don’t skip it altogether.

*if you have a question about something or you are unsure of any of your responsibilities, ask someone.  go to your mentor, the teacher across the hall, the school secretary, or your principal.  you can even ask me!  just ask.  it’s better to ask what to do than to be caught not doing what you didn’t know you were supposed to be doing in the first place.

click HERE for all of my teaching tips.

my first trendsend!

i really do like stitch fix, but after my fifth one, i needed a break.  the last couple of boxes just weren’t quite right.  but i have this addiction to subscription boxes…  so when i found out about trendsend, i knew i wanted to try it.  i first heard about it on the small things blog.  it’s technically a company geared toward new or busy moms, but hey, i wanted to try it.  it is tied to evereve, a chain of stores that are not in texas.  the stylists pull from the stores to send you things.

so basically, you fill out a style profile and tell them about yourself (just like stitch fix).  you can also add some pictures and link your pinterest page.  BUT, they don’t charge you a $20 styling fee (at least not yet).  they send you full outfits that are mix and match.  genius!  and their goal is for it to fit in your existing wardrobe.  right up my alley.  the prices are about the same as stitchfix, but they send you about twice as many items.

i miss the pictures that stitchfix sends you of the outfits.  but the notes on trendsend are much more helpful.  they suggest what else you can do with the items and what shoes you can pair with the outfit.  and i like the way that they send you full outfits.  i feel like they really listened to what i wrote in my style profile.  as i tried on the outfits, i thought, these people get me.

peek inside my first trendsend order @ tattooedteacherintexas.com

peek inside my first trendsend order

Outfit 1

  1.  grey chiffon tee – the cut is great and very flattering.  KEPT
  2. army jacket – it fit great but it was pretty pricey and i already have one.  SENT BACK
  3. dark flare jeans – these fit great at the top but were way too long.  plus i got some great flare jeans in my last stitchfix that i kept.  SENT BACK
  4. grey rock pendant – super cool necklace!  KEPT

Outfit 2

  1. black and whit lightweight sweater with an open back. KEPT
  2. white jersey tank – i just bought a new one and don’t need it.  (meant to go under the sweater) SENT BACK
  3. skinny grey jeans – great fit and distressed.  KEPT

Outfit 3

blue plaid tunic dress – could be worn as a dress or shirt over the grey jeans.  it was cute, but pricey and i have a blue plaid shirt already.  SENT BACK

peek inside my first trendsend order @ tattooedteacherintexas.com

peek inside my first trendsend order

for the things that you don’t want to keep, they provide a bag and shipping label.  you just drop it in a mailbox within five days.  easy peasy.  then you go online, you give a review of each item and tell them what you’re keeping.  they will charge you for the items

overall, i am super impressed by trendsend.  i have already signed up for my next box for next month.  stitch fix is temporarily on hold…because trendsend is just that good.  at least so far.

planner tips for the beginner (and advanced!)

i’m a part of several Facebook groups just for planners.  it’s a movement, people!  (yeah, i didn’t know either…)  check out THIS ARTICLE from business insider magazine about how paper planners are making a comeback in a big way.

my august cover for my #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren

my august cover! love it!

it’s fun to be a part of them even though drama happens just about every day.  that’s what happens when you open the internet to outspoken women who can hide their big fat mouths behind their keyboards.  but most of the time, it’s interesting and really fun.  the women have big hearts along with their big mouths.  and of course, people share their ideas and their planner spreads.  i’ve learned quite a lot in these past few months.  here are all of the things that i can remember that are actually helpful:

  • you must set up some kind of organizational system.  if you have a container store or ikea near you, this may be an expensive process.
  • find the right pens and stick with them.  otherwise you’ll be “trying out” new pens aka buying a crap ton. (my ride-or-die are the pilot g-2s.)
  • write on stickers and labels before you place them in your planner.  (that damn wednesday column gets me every time!)
  • don’t be afraid to change or simplify your style, even when you see those perfect spreads on instagram.
  • watch planner videos on youtube for ideas.  just do a quick search for “Erin Condren life planner” and you’ll hit some good ones.
  • resist the urge to buy ALL the washi and stickers.  focus on washi you know you’ll use over and over and buy functional stickers.
  • plan and THEN decorate.  it is a planner, after all.
  • keep some spare sticky notes on the inside of the back cover.  you never know when you’ll need one!
  • practice your handwriting.  check out “llamas love lettering” on youtube for some great tips.
  • don’t decorate or plan too far in advance.  stick with the current and next week for any heavy planning.  use the monthly view for anything in the future past that point.
  • use a ruler or old plastic card to cut your washi.  (i use an outdated insurance card.)  it’s more precise and quicker than scissors.
  • scrapbook paper and stamps open up a whole new door!
  • before finalizing an etsy order, check their instagram for any coupon codes.  more often than not, there’s one listed in their profile!
  • have FUNction. (get it!  fun + function!  oh, forget it…)

8•7 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


i went back to school this week to prep for the new year.  with my new position as the 21st century learning coach (and still teaching), i am required to put in a little extra time.  i have a good feeling about the school year.  lots of good vibes going around…  :)


working at a title 1 school for at-risk kids, you don’t tend to get an abundance of really great outcomes.  it’s just the way it is.  so this is very cool.  one of my past students is starting at baylor university this year and is getting a lot of well-deserved attention.  laquan is a humble and hardworking individual.  he’s a wonderful example for my current students, and we are all very excited for him.

here’s the play that got him on ESPN:


i got another hello fresh box delivered.  i’ve only tried two of the three recipes so far, but i have liked them both!  i have NEVER been disappointed by any of the recipes i’ve received.  if you’re interested in it, check out hellofresh.com and enter the code L758TZ for your first box free!

hello fresh - layered enchiladas

this eventually became layered enchiladas. so spicy but yummy!

hello fresh - orzo with marinated tomatoes and avocado.

orzo with marinated tomatoes, chickpeas, and avocado.


i bit the bullet this week and went to the optometrist.  i don’t know why i hate it so much.  i just put it off and off.  so i ended up getting some new glasses (that i might actually wear) and some prescription sunglasses., which i’m totally digging.


i’ve still been swimming on the regular.  i’m starting to see some differences in my strength in the water.  i tried some strength work and weight lifting this week and that didn’t go so well, but i know there are some changes happening!  i feel great when i’m swimming, and i’m getting better and better.   i want to keep this up. 

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         Cup of Tea          THE GOOD LIFE BLOG

july 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

loreal true match lumi liquid glow skin illuminator in golden – this is advertised as a primer, but i like to just add it to my foundation or bb cream.

benefit hoola bronzer – i had thought about buying this bronzer for a long time.  it really is the perfect bronzer color and consistency.  it’s very pigmented so use a light hand!

hello perfume by harvey prince for birchbox – this scent is perfect for the spring and summer.  it’s light and fresh.

{favorite eats}

hello fresh subscription – the recipes are all so unique.  i enjoyed all of them!

this cheesecake.


{favorite reads}

in the summer, i like to read fluff.  it just feels right to keep it light.  (that rhymes!)  so i’ll give you a rundown of a couple of my favorites.  i recommend them, but just remember…pure fluff.

scoring wilder by r.s. grey

with a twist by staci hart

one more shot by victoria denault

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

true detective – i’m a little late to the party here, but this show was great!  i’ve only seen the first season of it.  it was scary and fascinating.  i think i want to watch it again because i feel like i missed some things.  when it was over, i had so many questions.  great show though.

the skelton twins – i was surprised that i liked this movie so much.  it came out last year.  it is a little dark, but has some very funny moments.

trainwreck – so so so good!  i had high expectations because i love amy schumer.  she exceeded my expectations.  it was sweet and sad and hilarious.  it was everything i want in a summer movie.

big love this is an older hbo series that i found on amazon prime.  it aired for five seasons.  i watched a couple of episodes every few days.  it started off kind of slow but the story just got better and better.

{favorite words}

{my own favorite posts}

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WOW – just keep swimming

san antonio trip in pictures

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{favorite posts from other bloggers}

multimasking 101 by the beauty department

four resolutions of a recovering people pleaser by the storyline blog

why i’m still single…the ugly truth by the single woman

the midsummer panic by the daily tay

you are not invisible by the single woman

are you too emotional? use it to your advantage by the storyline blog

{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

finished up summer school!

cookout with friends for the fourth of july

saying goodbye to friends from work that have moved on to different things.

my new car!


family reunion.

going to the chiropractor.  it really has helped since my car accident.

starting swimming again.


girls’ trip to dallas!


seeing my sister.  however brief, it was good times.


“trainwreck” was so good!  i want to see it again.

lots and LOTS of rain here in the Texas panhandle.  we’re getting sick of it and it’s got no place to go anymore.

using my new Erin Condren life planner.  the new version is SO much better.


work (and fun) trip to san antonio




past monthly faves:

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april 2015

march 2015

and more!

peek inside my planner | july 2015

info on my 2015-16 Erin Condren life planner @ tattooedteacherintexas.com | #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren

this was my first month in my 2015-16 planner.  (click HERE for an overview of my new planner and HERE is some advice for ordering with EC.)  i loved the new layout and changes to the planner.  my june pages were some of my favorites, and i was excited to get started.  but i ran into some little problems right away.  i didn’t know what to do with the “thankful thought” box in the top left corner.  i tried out a word of the week, but i’m not doing it anymore.  it seemed like a waste of space.  so i’ve changed it to my “thank you” box for august.

but the biggest thing for july was the color scheme.  i thought i would love it.  after all, july fourth is my favorite holiday right after thanksgiving.  but i only enjoyed the navy blue and red for that one week.  for the rest of the month, i fought it.  i stuck with the red, but tried to hid the blue as much as i could.  i didn’t think it would be such a struggle but it was.  i’m glad it’s over.  august is looking much better.  :)

so here they are, my july pages:
 july peek inside my planner with tattooedteacherintexas.com  #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren #plannerlove #peekinsidemyplanner  july peek inside my planner with tattooedteacherintexas.com  #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren #plannerlove #peekinsidemyplanner  july peek inside my planner with tattooedteacherintexas.com  #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren #plannerlove #peekinsidemyplanner  july peek inside my planner with tattooedteacherintexas.com  #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren #plannerlove #peekinsidemyplanner
*i’ve blurred some things for confidentiality reasons.

check out my erin condren referral link HERE if you’re interested in an EC life planner and want $10 off your first order.

(the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

san antonio trip in pictures

i spent most of last week in san antonio at a conference.  luckily, i got to go with some work friends.  we had a blast, but it was exhausting and so hot.  the conference was great, and i got some good ideas for the next school year.  on our downtime, there was lots of eating and drinking and walking around on the riverwalk.

flying over the texas panhandle! i’ve never seen it so green.

somehow we ended up at coyote ugly. probably because it was the only fun bar open on a monday night. things got a little crazy, but we mostly stayed out of it. ;)

the san antonio riverwalk. the boring part.

even my superintendent and principal got in on the fun.

the alamo at night.

outside of pat o’briens.

sweaty me with my sweaty beer.

view of the riverwalk and downtown from my hotel.

national cheesecake day.

coming home. this is a shot of our liftoff in dallas.

WOW 7•22 | just keep swimming

WOW button
it’s been a hot minute since i’ve done a workout wednesday post!

actually…it’s been a lot of minutes.

but i’m back!

almost a month ago, i had a car accident.  it wasn’t a terrible one considering, but i went to the hospital because of the black and purple bruises covering my torso from the seatbelt.  i have pictures, but i don’t want to burn your corneas with those bad boys.

obviously, i couldn’t workout right away, which totally sucked because i was on a freaking roll.  but alas, that all came to a brutal halt, just like my car.

mentally, i wanted to workout after about a week and a half, but it still hurt so i didn’t.  and i waited.  i was also having some pretty serious intestinal issues.  i lost a lot of my appetite.  and then when i did eat, it either came back up or had a really hard trip out, if you know what i mean.  i guess when you crush your intestines with a seatbelt there are going to be some negative effects for awhile.  thankfully, most of that has subsided.  i’ve tried to be careful to not eat anything too out of the ordinary or in large quantities and that’s helped.

i started going to the chiropractor a few days after the accident.  i went to a friend of mine that i trust.  his therapists set me up with cold laser therapy and electronic stimulation right away.  it helped SO much, especially the cold laser.  eventually, i’ve worked up to actual adjustments.

but still i was scared to workout last week.  so i talked to my doctor and then my chiropractic friend.  they both said no strength training or running for now.  my chiropractor suggested swimming!  i don’t know why i didn’t think about that.  so i took a trip to academy and found a suit and some new goggles and caps.  who knows where my old ones are.  and thanks to amazon prime, i have a backup suit coming tomorrow.

i’ve been loving it.  it’s been tough getting back to swimming though.  i realized on the first day just how out of shape i am.  i had to pause for about 15-30 seconds after each length of the pool.  but each day is better.  i’ve kind of figured out a schedule: a rotation of different strokes, some work on my breathing (because i no longer have the lungs of the high school swimmer i used to be), and then sprints at the end ’cause mama loves her HIIT.  it’s been almost two weeks now and i’m still interested in it and wanting to get better.  i want to keep going with the swimming only for a few more weeks before i add in strength training again.  then, i want to work up to maybe 3 days of swimming a week with other workouts in between.

next week will be a challenge because i’ll be in san antonio at a conference for most of the week.  i’ve already scoped out the hotel though.  there is a fitness room so at least i can do some walking and light weights in the mornings or evenings.