9.12 | high five for friday!


…one…  i had a great week at school!  like seriously, great.  i wasn’t expecting it because it’s homecoming week and usually the kids are a little crazy.  but this week was calm, full of laughter, and nearly problem free.  (i say that now and it’s almost like i’m jinxing my next week.  :) oh well!)


….two…  tonight is the homecoming game and dance.  all week, the weather has been beautiful. and today?  cold and rainy.  at least i’ll get in some good people-watching sponsoring the dance.


…three…  i had a scare at the the park this week.  a freaking tarantula was on the sidewalk.  it’s migration season, but i’ve never seen them in the MIDDLE OF TOWN.  but it made me run so there’s that.


…four…  my workouts were alright this week.  i did pretty well with my food too, but definitely got bored and unfocused.  that usually doesn’t happen with my food.  i mean, i’ll have moments, but it was ALL week.  whatever.  monday is another new start.


…five… my students don’t really remember 9/11, and they asked me where i was  at the moment this week.  i could remember every minute of that day of my own senior year of high school, and the story just flowed from me.  that horrible event imprinted a memory that will last forever, but it will always remind me to be grateful that i was blessed to be born in this great country.

the ragged old flag.

a photo of the opening part of the rodeo. my favorite part. it’s so moving. gives me chills every time the rider goes by faster and faster.


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WOW 9.10 | it never ends.

WOW button

does anyone else avoid the scale and measuring tape when you’re just not ready to deal with whatever it says?  i usually do my measurements on the first of each month.  but this month, i’ve been dragging my feet.  i have the post all ready to go.  it just needs the numbers plugged in.

and i. just. can’t.

        not yet…

                  why do those numbers have such a power?

sometimes i can keep my perspective and sometimes i can’t.  i know that i have strengths and weaknesses, good and bad days, progressive and slow weeks.

and then there are other times when the numbers are just floating around in my head annoying me.

i think i’m better at dealing with it than i used to, but it still gets to me at times.  i think about my progress and i’m proud of what i’ve done and realistic about what still needs to be done.

but you know one thing that i haven’t come to peace with yet??

it never ends.  ever.

it will always be a struggle for me.  always.  i’m not a natural athlete.  i don’t really enjoy working out.  i hold weight around my middle.  my thighs jiggle even with muscle.  my wrist will probably be an issue for the rest of my life.

but it is what it is.  my body doesn’t control me.  i control it.  i control my actions, my intake, my attitude.  sometimes it’s really difficult.  but i know that even with the random bad days and the occasional terrible weekend that i am working always toward a healthier me.  and that’s what matters at the end of the day.  not the numbers.

i’m always looking for something to push me.  and millionaire hoy never disappoints.  he started a new series.  45 minutes of HIIT.  after the first one, i thought i might throw up.  my second thought was – i just did that.  i just made that workout my bitch.  that was awesome!  here’s the first in the 30 day series…

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9.5 | high five for friday!


…one…   school was freaking crazy this week.  why do the short weeks always last WAY longer than regular weeks???  but it ended up being a great week.  of course there were issues, but it was good.  i realized about halfway through that i just need to accept that i MUST go to bed earlier.  otherwise i am a zombie…with a bitchy side.  and you know what?  more sleep worked.

not just the first day of school.  EVERY day of school.

not just the first day of school. EVERY day of school.

….two…  workouts this week went well.  not great, but okay and consistent.  i am still loving my HIIT and run/walks.  (hail, millionaire hoy!)  i’m still trying to get my food under control.  i’m starting to feel a little “tighter”.  it’s taking some time, but i am feeling more and more motivated each day.

keep off grass

you would not believe the stuff i encounter at the park. i’ve caught people having sex, walked past people doing drugs while with their children, and just experienced general sketchy behavior. this little sidewalk chalk saying seemed a little ironic after passing a man smoking pot while out with his little boy.

…three… i had dinner with my main guy (okay…only guy) this week, and i tried lamb for the first time.  i didn’t tell him that, but i thought i would just be adventurous.  it was at a restaurant that we have been together before and i knew if i ordered it that it would be good because the food there is amazing.  and it was.  i’m slightly ashamed that i ate a little lamb, but it was soooo good and i tried something new..  :)

…four…  the annual rodeo is over and done with.  it’s exhausting, dusty, and extremely hot.  but it’s for a good cause.

BR Rodeo 2014

the intro to the rodeo – the best part. cue the johnny cash song, “the ragged old flag”.

…five…  i’m thinking i might reread “wild” before the movie comes out in december.  i keep thinking about it.  i just loved that book…and this quote from it.



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WOW 9.3 | back to the grind

WOW button

school is back in session and i got my precious schedule back today.  i’ve said it before, but routine is my friend.  it helps me to stay on track and not turn to treats too much.  but it’s been hard getting back into it!  i’m more tired and have less time so i’ve been trying to make things easier for myself with a simple and quick-to-prepare lunch and some HIIT each day.

i am loving this new salad kit.  i like the idea of eating a salad at lunch. it’s easy and healthy.  i have experimented with “salad in a jar” recipes.  it’s just that they are kind of messy and you usually have to use a plate.  i like this kit because it’s all included.  there’s room to mix the salad in the main compartment, while still keeping everything separated until you’re ready to eat.  and there’s a blue ice thing that attaches to the bottom to keep it cool for hours.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Salad Kit

now, i’m definitely not one of those people who can just have a salad for lunch.  because of my schedule, i have to workout in the evenings.  and i usually do high intensity or strength training workouts during the week.  i need the energy!  so i’m adding in a healthy pasta salad (with lots of goodies in it) this week with my salad, as well as fruit and kind bars during the long mornings/afternoons.  i’m starting with granola, blueberries, and plain greek yogurt in the mornings and veggies and protein in the evenings.  i don’t mind eating the same thing each day.  it actually makes me feel better when i know what i’m gong to eat and don’t have to think too much about it.  that’s not to say i won’t get bored eventually, but meal planning definitely helps me stay on track.

i’m still doing my 30 day challenge (just in two months instead of one due to my need to mix it up each week).  i’m loving it.  the videos are short but difficult.  and they’re all different.  i NEED variety.  here’s another great one that’s fun because it’s all sports drills:

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teaching tip 48: just breathe.

teaching tips from {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i was joking last week about who of the first year teachers was going to cry first.  i was thinking about my first week of teaching.  by the wednesday of that week, i was broken.  i had no idea how hard it would be to work in a school for at-risk students.  not to mention, the school leadership was crumbling before school even started.

i cried silently on the way to school in the backseat of my carpool.  i dried it up as we pulled up and made my way quickly to my classroom.  i tried to stay busy, thinking that would help me correct my mindset and get ready to battle another day.  but as soon as the experienced teacher across the hall came in to check on me right before school started, i broke down again.  she told me to go in the corner away from the hall windows and just let it out.  she locked the door and wouldn’t let the kids come in for first period until i had myself under control again.  i am still grateful that she took the time to do that for me. she knew i could do it, but she also knew that i needed to take a minute to realize it again.

everything will be okay

it wasn’t one of the new teachers who cried (that i know of).  it was me, the seasoned one.

last week was hard.  the first week always is, but this one seemed particularly challenging.  with a new principal, a new (expanded) position, and old stresses, there were a lot of hiccups.  by friday, i broke down and just cried it out over one particular issue.  my assistant principal knew why i was upset and came found me before anyone else could.  he also knew exactly what to say to calm me down and give me a better perspective.

i’m still a little upset about the issue, but there’s nothing to be done about it now.  i don’t have any control over it anymore.  so it’s time to just breathe, accept it, and move on.

it’s something you’ll come to face over and over.  there will be times when you are pushed to the breaking point. and often, you will just need to let yourself break down.  and then you can think about it in a different way and move on.  because it will be okay even if it’s not right away.  i hope you can also find those people in your school to support you and care for you when these moments arise.

8.29 | high five for friday!


…one…   i went into this week with a great attitude. but as the week went on i went up and down with it. but by thursday, i got it mostly under control. I just needed a little reminder that…


….two…  i like being back at school and into my routine again, but i am … tired.  i missed thursday because of a football game, but i brought it the other days.  i pushed my workouts this week, but it was forced.  i didn’t enjoy them.  i know it’ll get better again… with some time.


…three… i made this kickass muffaletta pasta salad for my lunches this week.  i paired it with a simple green salad.  joy the baker is definitely one of my favorite blogs.  her food never disappoints!

…four…  whew!  the first week is in the books.  my students made me laugh from the first day of school.  these were just a few of the interesting answers i got to that question on their student info survey.


…five…  the annual rodeo is this weekend.  one of the perks of working at a small rural school.  it’s actually in my teacher contract to help out over the weekend at the rodeo.  you won’t find that in the average contract!  :)

BR Rodeo

this year is the 70th anniversary of the rodeo. i found this picture recently from one of the first rodeos. that’s a crazy amount of history for one event!


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teaching tip 47: set up a teacher website.

teaching tips from {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i dragged my feet on setting up a teacher website.  i didn’t know if it was worth it.  my district is small so if i want to talk to a teacher or student, it’s easy.  i actually signed up for one last year.  however, i didn’t do much with it.  but i finally worked on it this summer and got the kinks worked out.  it’s ready to be rolled out this school year.  here it is!

my classroom website

the main page

i chose to go with weebly.  it’s easy to work with once you know what to do. i just kept messing with it and figured it out.  the website kind of hard to keep up with, but i think it’ll get better as i update on a regular basis.

i set up a few pages for ed tech web resources.  instead of sending out emails every couple of weeks, i’m going to try this instead.  i think it’ll be more user friendly.  i set up a page for each core subject and a page for general resources.

the ed tech page on my teacher website

my ed tech page

i also set up a page for each of my classes.  i chose not to do one for my dual credit government class because they have one for their class through the college already.  i am planning on posting weekly for my classes.  i figure that will be easier for me and the kids.

sample class page

my pre-ap world history class page

the first day.

so it’s the first day.

there’s all sorts of expectations – both for the students and the teachers.

and there’s only one thing you can do…be prepared for anything.

best teacher mug ever

this is the prezi that i use to introduce my students to my class.  we go over a little info about me and then get into the rules and procedures.  i then hammer them into the kids for the first two weeks with reminders.  after those two weeks, they should know them (they are high schoolers after all) and i introduce consequences for not following the rules.

*if the prezi is not loading for you, here is the direct link.

i am also using remind for the first time this year.  my school district has a strict policy on teacher-student communication, which it should.  no one’s arguing with that for safety reasons.  but, remind is a way to create safe one-way communication.

i hope everyone has a great first day back to school! :)

8.22 | high five for friday!


…one…  well, we start back to school on monday.  i have a feeling i’ll be spending my saturday at school finishing up last minute preparations.  for some reason, the “first day” always sneaks up on me.  it seems unreal that summer is over and we’re starting a new year.  but a new year also means a new start.  so bring it on!

children are not a distraction

….two…  my workouts were better this week.  i worked out each day.  i did a mix of HIIT, kickboxing, and walking/jogging.  besides a couple of meals, i’ve gotten my food under control.  meal planning helps a ton.  i freaking love this workout!

…three… because of excitement about school, i’ve been pinning like a mad woman.  (i’ll admit most of it has been during boring inservice meetings.)  here’s a couple of my boards: classroom ideas | education technology | education funnies.

…four…  this quote:

belongs to you

…five…  i am finishing up decorating my high school social studies classroom today.  it’s one of my favorite parts of the beginning of the year!  it still needs some work, but it’s definitely coming along.  (i’ll do a more detailed post in a couple of days.)

2014-15 classsroom

my desk area

2014-15 classroom

my desk and bookshelves, my objectives board, and numbered desks.

2014-15 classroom

by the door bulletin board (for the bell schedule and rules, athletic schedules, and other info), the “please pick up” table, supplies counter and front of the room.


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WOW 8.20 – HIIT me baby one more time.

WOW button

so…i gave up on the couch to 5k program at the end of july.  i wasn’t enjoying it at all, and i didn’t feel like i was getting better at the pace that i should have.  i like to run…just in short distances.  i would do the first week of the couch to 5k all the time.  but once i got to week 5, i just couldn’t hack it anymore.  maybe i wasn’t putting in the effort.  maybe my heart wasn’t in it.  whatever it was, it wasn’t working.  i’m still walking though.  i think i like that more. an hour of a brisk walk clears my head more than a 30- 45 minute run.  so i’m done with running for now, and i’m exploring other things now and revisiting others.

i figured out in the past two weeks that i miss HIIT.  i’ve talked about millionaire hoy before but hadn’t tried his HIIT workouts until recently.  he started a 30 day HIIT program a couple of weeks ago, and i’m loving it.  it’ll probably take me about two months to finish it because i know i’ll throw in some strength training and other workouts for some variety.  i love that he explains everything and demonstrates everything.  i also like that he has a good warm-up and stretch at the beginning.  i’ve learned that i need that for HIIT.  i do have to modify some of the moves due to my wrist or skill level, but that’s no big deal.  each workout is just 30 minutes, which is perfect for me with school starting soon.  below is the first and second day of the 30 day body burnout.  day one is total body.  day two focuses on abs, but still works everything.  love it!

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teaching tip 46. create a teacher binder.

teaching tips from {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i’m all about organization.  if i don’t have everything in order, i will lose my mind.

one of the things that i use to keep myself organized is a teacher binder.  i keep my lesson plans, planning calendars, seating charts, sub plans, and more in my binder.

1.  buy a heavy duty binder and sturdy dividers (with pockets).  this thing will see some action throughout the year so make sure that it can handle it.

2.  decide the categories you want in your binder and the order.  i teach high school so i’ve used these categories in my binders: seating charts, monthly planning calendars, lesson plans, info on my dual credit college class, sub notes, and notes.

3.  fill your binder with all your info and stuff!

4.  create a cute cover.  you’ll be using it often so you might as well make it adorable.

5.  use binder clips to keep your lesson plans updated to the current week.

6.  put post-its to work in the front of your binder as to-do lists and notes.

other tips:

  • since it will contain some important info, make sure that it is secure when not in use.
  • don’t be afraid to change your binder over the course of the year.
  • sometimes a supply bag in the front is helpful to keep colorful pens, highlighters, and post-its handy.
  • it doesn’t have to be fancy!  see below. :)  just make whatever you have work for you.  i just used paper, markers, dividers, and a binder.


oh, netflix…i don’t think you get me.

i got netflix this summer to try it out and because summer television is not the greatest.  i knew i’d have some free time.  plus, it’s pretty cheap.

but the real reason was because i wanted to see the second season of “orange is the new black”. (i was not disappointed.)

netflix marathons

i’ve noticed something though…

netflix likes to give you recommendations.  often, these recommendations are totally off base.

if you watch one weird documentary, netflix pigeon-holes you as a weirdo.  it then suggests a whole bunch of other weird documentaries that it thinks you’ll like.  and before you know it, every recommendation is for weird documentaries.

then i watched the last season of “the killing”, “the fall”, and “southcliffe”, all criminal mysteries.  so now netflix thinks all i want to watch is movies about killers.

so after “orange is the new black”, the weird documentaries, and the criminal shows, netflix thinks i’m a lesbian-loving weirdo murderer.  and i not any of those things.

…okay, maybe i’m a bit of a wierdo.

but now i’m kind of nervous for anyone else to see my netflix listings because it is not a representation of who i am.  anyone who saw those listings would be put off for sure.

netflix…i don’t think you get me.  you assume so many things about me.  just be open-minded, would ya?

8.15 | high five for friday!


…one…  we are headed back to school this week with a whole week of inservice ahead of us.  i hate inservice, but it’s nice to get back to work in a way.  i’ve been working on my classroom some this week.  i don’t do as much as elementary school teachers, but i like to make my high school room cute.  i spend most of my day there so it better look cute!  it’s kind of a mess right now, but it’s coming along.  more pics next week!


….two…  my august birchbox came yesterday.  and it was great!  i am seriously considering buying the perfume.  it is a grapefruit sandalwood blend, which is right up my alley.  it smells amazing, and it’s only $55.  the bb cream golden glow and bronzer are a little too much for me, but i think i can use them sparingly and make them work.  i think i might try adding the bb cream to my foundation and see what happens.  the mango lotion smells amazing, and it leaves my skin so soft.  i have yet to try the anti-wrinkle cream, but it smells like grapefruit too so i’m sure i’ll like it.


…three…  i’ve been struggling with my workouts lately.  i just haven’t had much motivation.  however, this week i did a decent workout each day.  they weren’t the longest or best workouts, but it was something every day.  i really think i’ll do better once school starts…

…four…  i found this song a couple of weeks ago and i just can’t quit playing it.  it’s so cute and very texan.

…five…  i was staring into my closet and i hated everything hanging in there.  so i signed up for stitch fix this week.  i am a strict budgeter so i decided to wait until last month to get my first box.   i am terrible about shopping.  i buy things i don’t even really like and second guess myself.  but i’ve been trying to invest in better pieces and things i really love.  i even made a pinterest board specifically for my stylist, as they suggested.  but i’m super excited! i’ll share my pieces when i get my first box next month. (if you have any experience with stitch fix, let me know in the comments!)


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10 things…they don’t tell you about being a teacher.

10 things series button

i’m keeping it real today.  here are ten things they don’t tell you about being a teacher.  they are things that you definitely won’t hear in a college education course or even during your first few years of teaching.  they are probably things that you will learn through your own experiences.

the truth about teaching

1.  you’ll have to buy a lot of your own supplies. and that can get incredibly expensive.

2.  you may be the most positive, loving, and reliable person in your students’ lives.  try to live up to that each day.

3. you will learn to hold your bladder because there just isn’t time to pee.

4.  most people will hate you in the summer, but parents will love you come august.

5.  you will hope to be able to use the same lesson plans every year, but you’ll most likely be starting over each year.

6.  some of the kids’ stories will break your heart and you won’t be able to do anything to change their situations.

7.  at some point, you will get a kid’s bodily fluid on you.  usually it’s snot or puke.  i’m not ashamed to call for back up.

8.  sometimes the parents are harder to deal with than the students, especially when the parent thinks their kid is perfect…and you know better.

9. kids are manipulative and they will try to outsmart you, anger you, and even ruin you.

10.  your evaluation is important, but it most likely won’t show the work you do each day in the trenches.

how to entertain your niece for two and a half hours.

this is lylli. 20140808-210053-75653670.jpg she’s one of the most creative, energetic and interesting girls i’ve ever met.  she also talks like an adult most of the time and has the sense of timing of a seasoned comedian.  we spent an afternoon together last week and craziness ensued.


first, frozen yogurt.  little girls love fro yo.  and big girls love it too.  my favorite in town is orange leaf.  yum. yum.

then, turn on netflix for a movie.  but just watch the first twenty minutes.  and luckily, your niece will tell you everything that’s going to happen anyway so you don’t really need to watch too closely.

craft time with my niece

our finished products!

up next: an art project.  the messier the better.  we did a collage with magazine clippings, stickers, and drawings.

then, it’s time for some toe nail polish painting.  add a couple coats of glitter for her mama to struggle to take off in a couple weeks.

while the nails are finishing drying, discuss some beauty tips.  but limit them to basic eyeshadows, lip glosses, and perfume.

after that, allow her to chase your cats around the apartment until the slow, fat one gives in and accepts the love.  struggle for two minutes to get a picture of it.

luca and lylli

luca begrudgingly accepting lylli’s love.

finish with some yoga.  complete no less than eight sun salutations along with some random poses stuck in there.

don’t forget to laugh the entire time because you’ll never get these special moments back.  and there will be a time in the future when she won’t want to hang out with you anymore.

i love being an aunt

this picture pretty much sums up our relationship. :)