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teaching tip 65. find your tribe. 

one of the things that i didn’t think would make that much of a difference, actually makes a huge difference in how much i enjoy teaching.  find your people, your tribe, your peeps, your squad.  teachers are social creatures usually.  we like to be together and we feed off of each others’ energy.  that’s been… Continue reading teaching tip 65. find your tribe. 

music heals me

music mondays | 9•19

this is one of my favorite texas country bands that i never see.  this past weekend, i got to see them for the second (maybe third?) time.  they put on such a fun show.  their sound is different from other texas country.  it has this strange irish bend to it while still being completely red… Continue reading music mondays | 9•19

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9•16 | high five for friday!

…one…   besides finding several snakes in the building this week, school has been great lately.  i had a rough start and it’s been nonstop busy, but overall it’s been really good.  i like the group of kids i have this year, i’m feeling inspired, and i’m enjoying helping other teachers with a whole new… Continue reading 9•16 | high five for friday!

school stuff

teaching tip 64. don’t take it personally. 

don’t take it personally.  this is harder said than done. at least once a year, i get caught up in my feelings and break down. last year, it was on a day that I really shouldn’t have been at work in the first place. i was so sick. i should have called in and stayed… Continue reading teaching tip 64. don’t take it personally. 

music heals me

music mondays | 9•12

  this song has come on my pandora several times, and i love it each time.  i still have a hard time going to church on the reg.  i always enjoy it when i go.  so i don’t know what it is.  but music, kindness, nature, forgiveness…that’s where i feel God most of the time.

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15 years later.

september 11, 2001 will always be imprinted on my brain. i was sitting in pre-cal class during my senior year of high school.  a boy i knew, jay, came in frantically toward the end of class yelling about a plane hitting a building in new york city.  but then the bell rang, and we all… Continue reading 15 years later.

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9•2 | high five for friday!

…one…   i decided this week that i needed some zen in my life.  school has been crazy so far and i’ve already caught myself getting a little stressed.  i started doing some yoga because it’s been rainy all week.  but i quickly rediscovered how much i love yoga.  it helps me center myself and connect… Continue reading 9•2 | high five for friday!