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my planning style

i get a lot of questions on instagram and facebook about my planning style.  it’s unique and always changing.  i wouldn’t call it simple, but i wouldn’t call it simple either. i’m a white space planner. i’m a plan as i go (PAIG) planner. i incorporate lettering but i’m still learning. i love half boxes and… Continue reading my planning style

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memory plan with me | easter 2018

ugh… here’s the deal.  i lost the footage for the middle of the video.  i’m sorry.  but i want to put this one up anyway because i love how it turned out.  hope you enjoy the finished result and the annoyingly short video!  😣

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teaching tip 70. never make big decisions in april.

april is the worst. it just is. in may, you can see the finish line.  things are winding down.  but in april, it’s still business as usual.  except the teachers are tired, the kids are restless, you’re in between state testing, there’s benchmarking, supplies are running out, school funds are dwindling…you get the idea. it’s just… Continue reading teaching tip 70. never make big decisions in april.