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teaching tip 63. “don’t smile until christmas” is crap. 

don’t smile until christmas. i don’t know how many times people told me this during my student teaching and first year in my own classroom.  it took me an entire year to figure out that this was complete crap. if you don’t have a sense of humor, this job will be very painful for you.… Continue reading teaching tip 63. “don’t smile until christmas” is crap. 

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peek inside my planner | summer 2016

this was my second month in my 2016-17 planner.  i’m loving the neutral hourly.  it’s been a rough transition though.  i’m finally getting the hang of it.  i’ll never go back to the vertical.  (click HERE for an overview of my new planner and HERE is some advice for ordering with EC.) past peek inside my… Continue reading peek inside my planner | summer 2016

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8•12 | high five for friday!

…one…   meet scout!  she came home this week finally from the spca!  she’s settling in very well and is a sweetheart! ….two…   i’ve been working on things at school for a week now, but this was the first official week of inservice.  it could have been worse, but it’s not my favorite.  i… Continue reading 8•12 | high five for friday!

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music mondays | 8•8

this week’s pick is a song i came across while watching showtime’s roadies.  i don’t necessarily like all of this band’s music.  it’s a little too out there for me.  but i do love this song.  the dual lead singers’ voices are so perfectly matched.  the way that they can sing in complete unison at… Continue reading music mondays | 8•8

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8•5 | high five for friday!

…one…   i’m in dallas visiting my sister.  it’s my last vacation before school starts.  hopefully, we’ll get a picture as good as this one from spring break! ….two…   one of the reasons i’m in dallas is for a concert.  not just any concert!  the dixie chicks!  it’s their first tour in over a… Continue reading 8•5 | high five for friday!