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12•2 | high five for friday!

…one…   i put my tree up this past weekend.  it’s so pretty.  but what makes it special is that it’s my first big girl tree!  in previous years, i lived in an apartment and there wasn’t the room (or the funds) for a big tree.  but i splurged this year.  i’m just hoping my… Continue reading 12•2 | high five for friday!


here i am again.

it’s a lifelong thing – trying to stay healthy.  it doesn’t come easy to me.  it never has.  since middle school, i’ve struggled with my weight and health.  i’ve tried every healthy and unhealthy thing to get myself to where i want to be.  but really, it’s just old fashioned diet and exercise that do it… Continue reading here i am again.

planner journaling

peek inside my planner | fall 2016 part 2

i use a neutral hourly erin condren life planner.  i used to use a vertical but the hourly fits my planner style more.  i use stickers but i’m definitely a white space planner and probably always will be.  while i love etsy stickers, the happy planner stickers (and there are so many available now!) fit great… Continue reading peek inside my planner | fall 2016 part 2

teachin' school

teaching tip 68. you can’t live at school.

one of the hardest things you will have to figure out is the work/home balance. it’s commendable to be a hard worker.  i remember that i would work all day and after school until six my first year.  i would also regularly bring home work or papers to grade.  you wanna know what happened?  i… Continue reading teaching tip 68. you can’t live at school.


my ride or die makeup

one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus came up with this tag, and it was fun to put together my own list! here’s the original video: here are my favorite tag videos: i’m on a budget (even though i spend more than i should on make-up!) so my ride or dies are a mix of… Continue reading my ride or die makeup

on my soapbox

i’m trying to be positive here…

EDIT: click HERE for a more eloquent and expressive version of how i really feel. it’s a great post from another blog.  i’m so glad the election is over. it’s hard to be democrat-leaning gal in a predominantly republican area of texas. it requires a lot of self control with conversations, biting of my tongue,… Continue reading i’m trying to be positive here…