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february plan with me | #plannergirl

{see my instagram posts for tagged sticker shops!} click HERE for my january plan with me! i used a small kit from paper panduh.  looking back, i think it was actually a personal planner kit.  but no matter!  it was a good amount for my white space planning style.  i used some washi tape i… Continue reading february plan with me | #plannergirl

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2•17 | high five for friday!

…one…   the school year is ⅔ done!  the spring semester always goes by in a flash.  but i have some fun stuff coming up.  i like the busyness and the pressure on some level.  it keeps things interesting.  and SXSWedu is in just a couple weeks!! ….two…   i was featured in one of my… Continue reading 2•17 | high five for friday!

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teaching tip 69. time for some spring cleaning!

it’s about that time…the time for spring cleaning!  i’m in the process of doing this in my own classroom.  here’s some things to think about! clear out any unneeded papers, including memos, old graded papers you’re never handing back, notes from that meeting four months ago, information on kids from last semester or last year,… Continue reading teaching tip 69. time for some spring cleaning!

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january plan with me | glam hack edition

first, i started with a kit.  i don’t always use a kit, but when i do i spread it out among two kits because i’m a white space planner.  i don’t normally buy them because they’re not very cost effective for me, but i just love this case of the mondays kit by the glam planner.… Continue reading january plan with me | glam hack edition

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whole 30 | week 4

wow…i was totally skeptical of this whole 30 thing. and here i am now, a total advocate for it. it started out rough and now it’s almost over! if you can get through the first week and a half, you can do the whole 30 days, i promise. it’s totally mental. recaps:  the beginning  |… Continue reading whole 30 | week 4