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Skin deep

I’m not naive enough to think there is not racism anymore. Everyone has things in their psyche that triggers prejudice thoughts. There will always be ideas in people’s heads that range from hate to ignorance to indifference.
But what I don’t understand is that why people put so much emphasis on race anymore. At the end of the day, what does it matter anymore. Culture is more important in today’s day and age. There are so many cultures in the world, the regions.
I was lucky to have been raised in a house where we were encouraged to be tolerant and open. I feel sorry for people who are prejudice against others for the color of their skin. Yes, it is cliche, but it’s only skin deep. Somewhere along they way, they were taught those racist beliefs by hate-filled people. It’s sad to think that kids who learn hate at a young age will grow up to prejudiced adults.
One day, I want to go back to school and study anthropology. It’s not the most sought after job and it definitely doesn’t pay well. But it would be so interesting, thought provoking, and engrossing.

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