personal life

planning my summer road trip

several weeks ago, i decided to take a solo road trip through the american south. i traveled through the southwest west as a kid and adult.  so i definitely wanted to go east.  i’ve read countless books about the south and took several classes in college based on it.  i love the rich history and the diversity of the landscapes.  i am planning it already!  (it’s the ocd in me!)

i am planning on dropping off my kitties with my parents and staying a night with them.  the next day, i will head 2 1/2 hours east to stay with my grandparents and get some last minute information about some family sites and people i’ll be visiting in tennessee.  then it’s a marathon of places… it will be constant.  i won’t be staying in one spot for long.  but i get to see lots of places i’ve wanted to see for a really long time.

i’ll be visiting (in order) New Orleans, Biloxi, Montgomery and Tuskegee, Savannah, Charleston, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock…and so many places in between.  my itinerary has changed a bit and i’m sure it will continue to.  but it’s exciting planning this trip.  it will be therapy and a gift to myself.  i have five months to figure out all the details.

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