personal life

on aging parents

my parents are now 53.  they don’t act like it though.  you would never know.  they behave like teenagers a lot of the time.  i have had to lecture them several times about random things that i shouldn’t have to say to them.  i’m the child.  they are the parents.  but it feels like our roles are reversed sometimes.

they took up jeeping about 1o years ago.  my daddy and i used to go hiking and backpacking in colorado and new mexico all each summer.  it was good bonding time for us.  like most fathers and teenage daughters, it was hard for us to connect.  but surrounded by nature, we were able to have great conversations.  he pushed me when i was being a “girl”, and i made him laugh with my clumsiness.  but as he got older, he couldn’t make the treks like he used to.  don’t get me wrong; my parents are very active.  but the stress on their bodies was too much to handle for too long.  but they still wanted to commune with nature.

my folks reconnected after a period of fighting through jeeping.  after my mother’s mother (my nonnie) died, my mama had a really hard time.  i won’t go into it now, but it was a very low point for her.  my dad pulled away and they fought all the time.  but then, they bought a jeep and started spending their weekends in the mountains.  things changed.  for the better.

i guess i’m grateful to the jeeping in a way because it helped them find their way back to each other.  BUT, they take it too far sometimes.  they are reckless, crazy old people!  i have to remind them to call me and check in when they go on trips to the middle of no where because i know how easy it is to get lost, break down, run into the wrong people, etc.  i have promised them that if they don’t call me, i’ll call the forest rangers on them.  🙂

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