teachin' school

being evaluated

long, long week…  not a bad one though.

i’m just waiting to get evaluated by my principal.  i hate the waiting game!  it’s so frustrating.  i just want it to be over with.  i don’t have super high expectations because i’m teaching economics this semester. not the most exciting stuff.  but i know i’m a good teacher.  i can make it work.  i’ve been reworking my lesson plans every morning because i come up with new ideas to make it more interesting for the kids.  i’ve only taught the class once before a couple of years ago so as i’m reviewing in the morning for the day, little things come back to me or i’ll throw in something new.

it’s just the waiting that is horrible.  my principal is harsh. he tells you like it is.  but he also praises you.  so you know you’re going to get the truth from him.  he is encouraging and supporting.  but he’s still intimidating.  hopefully he gets my evaluation done next week so i can shift my focus to test prep.

i went to some basketball games last night and i’m going to the district wrestling tournament this morning.  we lost all four basketball games.  they were all brutal losses.  and we lost two students today to drugs.  and by lost, i mean, they are gone from school.  sent home-home.  the residential community that is connected to my school “released” them to their guardians because they have had multiple offenses.  i’m not that upset.  but i liked those kids.  i’m disappointed with them because they threw away some amazing opportunities.  and for what? a couple hours of feeling nothing?  it’s not worth it.

i’ve lost two pounds!  the strict diet and working out is doing its job.  it’s really difficult…not so much physically but mentally.  my entire adult life has been a roller coaster of weight gain and loss.  now that i’m getting older, it has become more important.  it doesn’t mean that i don’t cheat on my diet every once in awhile (which i will do at cracker barrel this morning), but i have to take care of myself.  i always feel better when i take care of myself.

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