healthy living

turning the question around

i just had an “aha” moment.  i’ve been listening to jillian michaels’ podcasts sporadically for the past month.  she is a little annoying sometimes because she gets off track, but when she’s on track she is great.

today, she was talking to a woman on the phone and the woman was complaining about how she overeats and cannot seem to stick to her diet.  jillian told her that when she is feeling a craving or wants to eat something that is unhealthy, she

SHOULD NOT ASK “what will happen if i eat this?” (because this goes along with shame and guilt)

BUT ASK THIS: “what will happen if i DON’T eat this?  

the answer is NOTHING.  by answering that question to yourself, you will think about what you are actually doing.  you will realize that you are not going to suffer.  nothing bad will happen to you.  you will actually feel more satisfied if you grab your power back.

it completely makes sense.  

i’ve struggled with my weight my entire adult life.  up and down and up and down.  it has been extreme at times at the top and bottom.  i’ll talk about that another time, but i’m glad i had this moment today to “reset”.  i’m on the right track and i need to stay on it.

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