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saying “goodbye”

yesterday, my bff and i attended the funeral of one of the best men i’ve ever met.  he was a wonderful coach, teacher, father-figure, friend, father, and husband.  he was amazing to know.  he would always respond to your “good morning, coach!” with a “yes, it is!”.  he inspired hundreds, no thousands of people in his career as a football and track coach.  his funeral was so incredibly sad, but also inspiring.  all 1200 seats were full of past students, fellow teachers and coaches, and community members who loved him.  a lot of graduated students returned to say goodbye to a man who had a huge impact on their lives.

after the graveside service, my bff and i headed to the house to help set up.  i felt like i was helpless so it’s the only think we could think of to do.  we had gone over the night before to bring food, but had a sad moment with the coach’s wife.  she was my department head for five years, and i know her well.  my bff asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she replied, “you could bring back my sweet husband.  you could make me forget these past two weeks.”  i immediately burst into tears.  i couldn’t help it.  it was so heartbreaking.  i can understand why she’s angry.  the cancer stole her husband and there was nothing anyone could do about it…

the obituary came out on friday morning.  i started crying at the first line, when it said – 58-years-old.  my own father’s not that far off from that age.  he’s also an old coach and teacher.  the parallels made me think about my daddy.  and then i started thinking about what the family was going through.  thursday was really difficult, but by the end of the day, i felt more at peace with it.  i feel sorry for their family and the future for them.  it is going to be hard, but they are strong people and they’ll get through it with grace and love.

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