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figuring out the whole “workout thing”

i was cleaning off my desk today and found a post-it with measurements on it.  i had taken my body measurements last august when i started (again) with my fitness journey.  i had it all wrong back then.  i thought the more time i put in, the more weight would come off.  and it worked in the beginning.  so it took me awhile to figure out that i needed to change the way i looked at losing weight.  at that time, it was just about the pounds.  i took the measurements merely out of curiosity.  and then i forgot about them.

but i plateaued in april, and everything changed for me.  i was forced to seek out information because i wasn’t seeing results anymore.  i started reading and pinning and watching youtube videos.  and i learned a ton!  it took awhile to wade through all of the bullshit.  there are a lot of weight-loss theories out there!  and a huge amount of them are total crap.

at the time of my plateau, i was doing pretty much all cardio.  i would go to the gym or workout at home with dvds.  at the gym, i would stick strictly to the treadmill, elliptical, and rowing machine.  i would spend two hours there working on those machines.  yes, i would lose 900-1000 calories, but i didn’t realized the harm i was doing to my body.  i didn’t know that i was actually losing precious muscle.  i didn’t know how important my muscles were to my weight loss and that i should be protecting them.  so through my research, i changed my entire outlook.  i started looking at all different kinds of workouts.  i quit running (it was killing my knees and hips).  i tried everything from ballet to metabolic conditioning to weight training.  i started incorporating weights into my workouts.

muscles burn more calories during the day.  muscles protect your body and its structure.  muscles are important.

so i finally set myself up on a weekly schedule that included variety, strength training, kickboxing, and stretching.  i’ve been working and fine tuning my this schedule for several weeks now. so here it is:

Monday – High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT (about 30 min.) 
Tuesday – Strength Training (30-45 min.)
Wednesday – Cardio Abs/Core Training (30-60 min.)
Thursday – Kickboxing (45-60 min.)
Friday – Combo of Stretching/Ballet/Pilates/Yoga (30-60 min.)
Saturday – Strength Training (30-45 min.)
Sunday – Rest Day*

*sometimes I’ll move around my Rest Day to accommodate a busy schedule.

so back to the measurements…  i did new measurements today.  there was a major change in my waist.  almost 10 inches!  i lost 3 inches from my hips.  i didn’t lose much from my legs or arms, but that’s not surprising because i have gained a ton of muscle on them.  i still weigh myself a couple times a week, but am trying to get that down to once a week.  i get a little obsessive sometimes because i judge myself and my actions on that number.  in a way, you should use that number.  but it doesn’t define you.

5 thoughts on “figuring out the whole “workout thing”

  1. Weight training is definitely the way to go! I have worked out most of my life, and similarly did excessive cardio and wondered why I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. I started a new training program back in February, and have seen more results than I EVER have. Keep up the good work!! So worth it!

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