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teaching tip 5. humor goes a long way.

…with students

you should laugh with you kids every day.  and at them, for that matter.  it doesn’t have to be a disruptive thing although it can be.  and know your limits with each student.  so be careful with it.  but use it!  something as simple as – a corny joke written on the board related to the lesson.  a funny story about your pets or kids.  a pun in the lesson.  a weird multiple choice question.  a comic or meme inserted into a prezi.

…with teachers

teachers are stressed out quite often, but laughing actually does help.  at my school, we play practical jokes on each other, leave random stuff in each other’s boxes, and tell funny stories about interactions with kids that day in the workroom.  we’ll also use those stories to make fun of the kids when we see them to let them know that we talk about them (and they know we care about them).  this is really important at my school in particular because all of the students are “at-risk”.  they come from  really terrible backgrounds for the most part and they need someone to show them that they care.  humor helps with this.

make fun of yourself

this is a great way to build relationships with both teachers and students.  self-deprication is an easy way to open up conversations.  i am notoriously clumsy.  i use this fact all the time with the kids.  they love it because they can laugh at me for a second and not worry about their insecurities.  just don’t go too far with it.  you don’t want to come off as having low self-esteem.  and keep your weight or other sensitive issues off the table.  that’s not good for your image and the kids don’t need to experience that.

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