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7.26 – high five for friday

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1. i’m in santa fe, new mexico for a long weekend. my grandparents offered to put me up and to spend some time with them. i only get to see them a few times a year so it’ll be good (i say hopefully because they can be a little critical at times) to see them.

2. my new vera bradley bag! it was held hostage at the post office due to a signature requirement on saturday so i had to wait all the way until monday to go get it. it’s a crossbody “little hipster” in plum crazy. it’s the perfect size and has a built in wallet.

3. i played a little tennis this week. i’m pretty terrible at it but it’s fun and a great workout. after an hour and a half of sweating in this texas heat and running after balls (i told you i am really bad!), we ran over to this little water park and ran through the misters and water spouts with all the little kids. i was sore for days (especially my right arm haha!) but it was worth it.

4. i did a little back to school shopping this week. i bought some borders and posters at mardel to mix up the theme (black and white) i used last year. i don’t want to spend a fortune this year. and i’ve basically got everything i need already. i found some cute things at gap, jcpenny, and eddie bauer that i can wear to school.

5.i got in some pool time on wednesday. my bff and i went to a little pizza place for lunch and then headed out to the pool with all the makings for beer-ritas. sun, booze, water, and good talk time. a pretty good summer day…besides the mild sunburn.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

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