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fave (affordable) workout clothes

i thought i would share my favorite workout clothes today. it took me FOREVER to figure out that yes, it does matter what you wear when you work out. i now know that i am more comfortable when i wear appropriately sized clothes that are cute and functional. i’m pretty thrifty so it took me awhile to find workout clothes i actually wanted to wear and could afford. also, in the beginning i felt like crap about myself. it showed physically. i wore cotton t-shirts and big running shorts and old tennis shoes. none of those things are cute or comfortable. but once i started feeling better about the way i looked and my fitness level, i started looking for better workout clothes. it was kind of a reward to myself…do great workouts for the week, get a new shirt. it worked. but i was also on a budget. if i could, i would buy all of my workout clothes from lululemon, atheta, and kiava. but i just can’t. i’m a teacher after all. we’re not rich. i had to hunt down reasonably priced clothes.

here’s what i’ve found:


that danskin line at walmart has the best tanks. i’m not just saying that because they’re all less than $10 either. they’re semi-fitted in the bust but pull away from your tummy. the cotton ones are super comfortable, but i usually wear the dri more tanks when i’m working out outside. old navy has some good tanks too.

kiava has some amazing and fashionable shirts. however, i haven’t bought one yet because they’re around $40. i think in the future i will invest in some though.


again, walmart and kiava. these are my favorite danskin bras from walmart. the kiava bras are beautiful. there are four straps and they criss-cross in the back. they look really good with a razorback shirt because you can see the bra straps.


i tried every different kind of shorts – cotton, synthetic running shorts, compression shorts. i finally settled on compression capris. they give me a little confidence boost because they make my legs and butt look amazing. they’re easy to move in and there’s no dreaded “chub rub” between the thighs. i have gotten them at walmart, target, and old navy.


i wear Nike Dual Fusion Run tennis shoes. i’ve worn them for about two years. not the same pair, just the same version of the shoe. i actually just ordered a new pair. they’re about $60-80. i don’t really run anymore so i never invested in an expensive pair of running shoes. these shoes just fit my feet really well. a pair last me about 4-6 months.

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