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New Mexico Trip

My grandparents invited me to go to New Mexico with them for a few days. I’ve been to Santa Fe a million times (it’s within easy travel distance from where I live) but I’ve never been able to do things that I really want to do. So I decided to mix in a few of those things and my grandparents were game for my ideas. We have had a complicated relationship in the past, which is for another post, but I had a really amazing time with them.

We met at Clines Corner so that we could drive in together to Glorieta, NM.

We went for walks every morning and evening. I just love the cool air of the mountains. My grandmother would always ask me if I was cold, but I really wasn’t. It was wonderful. There were rain showers every afternoon too. One of them interrupted our “game” of tennis. My grandparents have game. I clearly don’t.


I still exercised every day even though I was on vacation. A hike to the lookout point. Lots of brisk walks down the winding roads and the garden. Some kickboxing with the help of a DVD and my laptop. The altitude kicked my ass the first day on a run and I didn’t attempt much running after that.


We had dinner together in their cabin every night. We talked afterwards about all sorts of things. They have the best stories. Here’s a couple…
-My grandmother told me about when she taught at Tuskegee High School and how she took her English class to see a play in town. All the white people got up and left when she and her black students sat down. There was a time when Governor Wallace refused to pay the teachers because the schools had integrated. His hissy fit caused my dad’s family to nearly starve since they relied on my grandmother’s paycheck.
-My granddaddy told me he was in a jazz band in college and his band would play at my Grandmother’s high school before football games. They even cut a record at the local radio station, but they couldn’t afford to pay the $17 for the masters so they were lost. I think that’s about the saddest story I’ve ever heard.

One day, we went to Los Alamos to the Bradbury museum because I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that they kept the building of atomic bombs secret for so long. The museum was super informative but some of it was still over my head. After lunch at a little cafe, we drove onto the pueblo to see some cave dwelling but unfortunately they were closed due to flooding.

My grandparents were very impressed by my free google maps app. By the end of my time with them, they had convinced themselves they couldn’t live without a GPS in their car. They could not stop talking about the “map lady”.

Another day, we went into Santa Fe to the plaza. There was an annual Spanish market going on. It was packed. I walked around and looked at everything while my grandparents sat and listened to the music. Some of the art was amazing. Some was just weird. But you have to give them credit for expressing their heritage. My grandmother and I walked over to the Georgia O’Keefe museum. I was expecting different paintings but it was still great. I respect O’Keefe’s originality and spunk. Her landscapes are truly beautiful yet so simple. After some outlet mall shopping, we all headed in. It was a long day and a lot of walking.

On my last full day, we went into Santa Fe and had lunch at The Pantry. So good! I’m definitely going back there. I then took my grandparents to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s basically for my entertainment. There were comments about the prices (“You mean to tell me that I just spent $1.70 on 2 apples?!”) and products (“I bet that Peaberry coffee makes you ‘Peaberry’ much!”). 🙂

After brunch at Harry’s Roadhouse, which was amazing by the way, we said goodbye…

Best thing about going on vacation with my grandparents = I get to act like them… Read constantly, go for walks, do crosswords, go to bed early without explanation.

Worst thing (and it’s really not that bad) = my granddaddy and I have the same name. So whenever my grandmother starts a question with “Taylor, …” we both answer with “Which one?”

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