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8.2 – high five for friday

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1.  my daddy has been going through a bit of a health crisis lately, but we think we’ve finally found the right diagnosis!  he is hopefully on the mend.  it’s a such a relief for the whole fam.

2.  i spent a couple (okay…five) hours on the patio at a local bar with two friends.  we just laughed and told stupid stories.  i needed that.

3.  i got back from new mexico on monday after an amazing and wonderful weekend with my grandparents.  they have such good stories.  and they’re getting older.  every moment is precious.

4.  i’m done with my summer professional development readings/questions for school already while my friends are still whining about not doing it.  it pays to be an overachiever sometimes.

5.  i had really great workouts this week AND ate well.  it’s so hard to get those two things aligned but you feel so good when you do!

link up with the lovely lauren for H54F!

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