personal life

10 things…I’m grateful for right now

1. my health – my injuries are minor (or have been so far) and i rarely get sick.  i think i’ve built up some immunity working with germy kids all year.  KNOCK ON WOOD!

2. my parents love and support me no matter what. they may not agree with me all the time or me with them, but we still love each other.

3. my faith allows me to question things and still believe.

4. i have a job that i actually enjoy. it doesn’t mean that it’s rainbows and sunshine all the time, but it’s meaningful and important to me.

5. my bff, kat – she’s there no matter what. my sister from another mister.  <–so stupid.  i regretted typing that the instant i did.

6. i have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and clean water from my faucet. millions of people in the world don’t have that luxury.

7. summers “off” – this time is precious and i use it to reset my mind and body.

8. my grandparents’ stories – they fascinate and inspire me.

9. my kitties comfort and love me. plus, they entertain me with their weird personalities.

10. stupid summer tv shows let me escape for an hour or so.

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