personal life

when your parents get sick

my daddy has been going through a bit of a health crisis lately.  it’s been driving us all crazy.  my dad doesn’t want to talk about it and is avoiding everything related to it.  my mama is stressed out to the max.  my youngest sister and i will text our frustrations.  it’s a weird time because there are so many unknowns.  we think that we have finally found the right diagnosis, and he is on the mend.

so when your parents get sick, you might feel helpless…

you’re not in their body and can’t control what is happening to it.  all you can do is support them with whatever they need.  this could be anything from watering plants to watching pets to making phone calls.  whether it’s big or small, just do it.  you want to look back and know that you helped the situation not hurt it.

you might feel scared…

you will cry and shake and worry.  i’ve been there.  that’s natural.  keep busy.  spend time with your family.  contact who needs to be contacted.  band together instead of pushing away.  this is really difficult for me because i’m very introverted.  but i’m trying to be more open with my family through all of the medical issues.

you might feel pissed off…

you’ll think that the doctors are working too slow or not caring.  you might even leave a nasty message on their answering machine.  but try to channel the anger at the disease or illness and not at anyone in particular.  if there are mistakes made, then do your best to get everyone on the right path again.

your mind wanders into the future…

try not to do this too often.  it will drive you crazy and will probably make you sad.  you might think about years on down when you’ll be living without your parents.  that’s scary as hell to think about all in itself.  but try to focus on the moments with your parent.  you can’t get them back.

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