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10 things…I’m doing to get ready for school.

for those of us in Texas, we go back to school in a few weeks. here’s a few things I’m doing now so it’s not so bad.

1.  i’m researching stuff for lesson plans for school online.  people are constantly posting new ideas.  i like to weed through them all and mix, match, and edit.

2. i’m buying school supplies. not much though. i bought a couple of new borders and posters to spice up my decor. i’m going to hit up walmart and target for some new pens, pencils, and post-its. thanks to my friend, holly, i already have a new planner!

3. i’m getting back into a somewhat normal sleeping schedule. no more midnight bedtimes for me! 5:20 am is WAY too early for that.

4. i’m finishing up some summer projects like my scrapbook of my summer road trip.

5. i’m doing good workouts and incorporating lots of strength training. it gives me more energy, which i’m definitely going to need soon!

6.  i’m cleaning house.  and i mean some serious deep cleaning.  the fall is always the busiest time of the year and the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean.  doing it in august helps me get a jump start.

7. i’m going out with friends and making memories. summer is a great time to let loose because there’s no worries about a hangover.

8. i’m eating well and researching good and portable lunch ideas for school. i’m looking for healthy and easy and fast.

9.  i’m buying school clothes.  jcpenny is impressing the hell out of me right now.  not only do they have a mini sephora, but their new lines are great.  i’m also hitting up target, gap, and loft for good “teacher clothes”.

10.  i’m coming to terms with my new assignment.  it’s really not that much different than last year.  i won’t be teaching geography for the first time in seven years.  there were just so many changes over the summer so i wasn’t for sure (and it could still change!) until last week.  i’ll be teaching dual credit and regular government and economics along with one class of pre-ap world history.  i’ll also be working with other teachers on education technology stuff.

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