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8.9 – high five for friday

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1.  i spent the week in midland (aka “hell on earth” in the summer) with my middle sister, chase, while my parents are off on their annual anniversary trip to go jeeping in colorado.  here’s her story.

2.  my parents celebrated their 31st anniversary this week.  yep, they’re still married.  that’s pretty awesome these days…

3.  despite being on “vacation”, i still got in almost all of my workouts and ate well.  yea!

4.  i made an impromptu trip to monument lake with chase to meet my folks, aunt, and cousins.  the cool air alone sold me on it.  midland got up over 100 degrees each day i was there.

5.  i got my teaching assignment for this coming school year.  due to all the weird texas legislation this summer, the schedule was pretty much up in the air until now.  it’s not what i expected, but i’ll take it.  i’ll be teaching government and economics for seniors, dual credit government/economics, and pre-ap world history for sophomores.  and i’ll still be doing instructional technology.

link up with the lovely lauren for H54F!

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