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why i’m going vegetarian part-time

i noticed this summer pretty early on (well, after that delicious bbq sandwich in memphis on my road trip) that i wasn’t eating very much meat.  i didn’t want to cook very much and heat up the kitchen.  so then one day i just decided to look online at life as a vegetarian.  a few HOURS later, my head was spinning.  there are a lot of passionate people out there!  and that’s great.  but i wasn’t finding what i was looking for…probably because i didn’t know what i was looking for.

but then i came across this guy and some things started clicking.  it’s not like i have expectations to become a vegetarian full time.  i’m just curious, that’s all.  to me, it would take a ton of planning, mental strength, and conviction to be a vegetarian or vegan.  i don’t really have much of any of those things…

but as i was perusing his site, i discovered an article about the reasons why he had become a vegetarian.  one of them really stood out to me.  he said that he knew it would force him to be more creative with his food.  so that’s why i started cutting out animal proteins.

however, i don’t expect myself to ever become a card-carrying vegetarian.  i live in the beef industry capital.  it’s not a part of my culture.  and i like bacon, steak, chicken, and pork tenderloin.  i choose my meats wisely…organic, grassfed, etc.  i want to ultimately get down to 4-5 days a week meat-free.  right now, i’m at about 2-4 days a week.  i have been trying new recipes (which is my real goal) and foods.  i’m feeling better physically.  and i’m learning a ton about food.

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