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new foods i’m trying out.

so last week i talked about why i’m working on being a part-time vegetarian and my reasons. mainly it’s because i want to be forced to try new foods. i’m not exactly picky.  i just don’t like shellfish, raw onions, yellow mustard, brussel sprouts, water chestnuts, tapioca, or coconut milk.  but there are a ton of foods that i haven’t tried.  so here is some info on some that i’m trying out:

  • kale – i’ve made kale chips. they’re so delicate that they’re kind of hard to eat, but i like the flavor. i tried to sauté it with a little olive oil and minced garlic and salt/pepper. It was just okay. I think I might try it with a little balsamic vinegar next time.
  • sweet potatoes – i don’t know why i was so scared to try them. they are delicious. my favorite way to make sweet potatoes is to cut them into thick straws and bake them with a little olive oil spray and salt and pepper. i also like them baked. a half baked sweet potato is usually plenty for me. i’ll top it with a dollop of greek yogurt, a couple pinches of cheese, and salt/pepper.
  • chickpeas – i have tried them oven roasted, rinsed and raw in salads, and in hummus. all of the variations are good to me, but i’m not crazy about some of the hummus recipes. my favorite is roasted garlic hummus with a handful of pita chips. i think sometimes, there is too much tahini included in hummus. i like the flavor, but it can be very strong.
  • almond butter – yum, yum. it is definitely a different flavor than peanut butter. but it’s growing on me. i’ll never really give up peanut butter, but i’ll keep using almond butter too.
  • mushrooms – i’ve always like mushrooms, but since i’m going veggie i’ve been trying new variations. and i’m putting mushrooms in everything. the flavor is a great addition.
  • whole wheat pasta – i love pasta so i was weary about trying a whole wheat version. it does have a different texture than traditional pasta, but i’m getting used to it. i’m trying different shapes and sizes of pasta with different sauces and vegetables.
  • greek yogurt – to be honest, i’ve only tried the plain 2% greek yogurt. i’ve replaced sour cream with greek yogurt. i saw it on “the biggest loser” and tried it. i can barely taste a difference between the two.

my goal is to try a new food and recipe each week. it’s kind of exciting to try new flavors and is keeping me on my toes. i’m looking at trying bok choy, quinoa, some different berry varieties, butternut squash, edamame, tomatillos, jicama, and some exotic fruits.

4 thoughts on “new foods i’m trying out.

    1. liz, my favorites are definitely different mushrooms and almond butter. i like the different flavors. that’s what i need with “healthy” food. variety is important too. so what would you recommend i try next???

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