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8.16 – high five for friday

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1. first day of inservice is today! i can feel the new school year coming on. the adult part of me is relieved to be getting a daily schedule back, while the kid part of me is stomping her foot and growling.

2. i’m finally home and settled from a lot of vacations this summer. i don’t want to complain about it because i love a good vacation, but i hate living out a suitcase. plus, i like being home with my kitties.

3. i got a much needed haircut and color! i put it off all summer and was in dire need of someone to scrub my hair, give me a glamor magazine to read, and make me feel pretty for an afternoon.

4. i made this awesome prezi for the first day of school. i love prezi so much. it makes everything look more interesting even if the info isn’t.

5. i got into my classroom this week and got to work cleaning it up and getting it together. (before/after pics to come!) i was hoping to move rooms, but at least i don’t have to move my stuff! i also learned that i’m leading a district training. scary! got to get prepared for that.

i’m linking up with the lovely lauren for H54F!

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