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new tattoo!

school starts very, very soon and i’m dragging my feet a little. so when my bff kat texted me and asked if i wanted to get a new tattoo, i couldn’t resist the rebellion.

i am not ready to get my giving tree tattoo just yet (it will be big and expensive) so i decided quickly on “let it be”. this is my 6th tattoo, but my first one with words. i love that song and the way it calms me down to my soul. so i wrote it out in my own handwriting, and the tattoo artist scanned it. the tattoo only took about ten minutes. because the template had a smudge on it, i have a tiny dot of ink by the second “t”. but he forced in a bunch of water and said it should fade out and disappear. he also touched up my compass where it had faded when it scabbed over. it looks better now.

my tattoos were done really fast but i stuck around to watch kat’s. she got a giant dahlia on her shoulder. it’s so pretty. but it took forever. luckily, we had a really good artist. kalob was cracking us up with his funny shop stories and his spot-on impressions. i’m always surprised by tattoo artists. they’re never what you expect them to be.

i’m so excited! i love new ink. i’ll post some pics when it is healed and looking its best! and if you’re curious about my other five tattoos, check out my {ink} page for more info.

4 thoughts on “new tattoo!

  1. I only have two tattoos but both were shared with a friend and have meaning. My last one was 13.1 on my food with my best friend who ran my first half with me. Now if only we had pictures of your ink, sounds like you’ve got some pretty amazing work!

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