healthy living

my “trouble zone”

everyone one has their own “trouble zones”.  mine is definitely my stomach and has been since i was a teenager.  it’s never flat enough or fit enough to satisfy me.  but then i ran across this fitness blender video while i was looking for a new workout.  i clicked on it because it promised to talk about how to get rid of belly fat.  i’m as guilty as the next girl of comparing myself to magazines and pinterest images.  i know in my head that they are photoshopped and not a representation of reality, but i still look at them.  anyway, the video’s got a ton of great information about building abs and the myth the media and celebrities display about the belly.

and i know, i know… “abs are made in the kitchen”.  that’s my next research project.  i’m looking for info, possibly a diet plan, that is mostly clean, heavy on the fruits and vegetables, and relatively easy to follow.  if not, i can’t and won’t stick to it.  i’ve definitely toned up my stomach.  i have some real muscle building there.  my obliques are looking up, but the area around my belly button is still pretty flabby.  anyway, i’ll share what i find.

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