teachin' school

inservice is the WORST.




the worst.

all you want to do is be in your room working on getting ready for the school year.  and you’re stuck in meetings.

i just spent the last two days doing a “training” over information that we’ve already learned.  it was supposed to be for “developing engaging lessons”.  but the training was anything but engaging.  we were bored to tears.  no, really.  i cried because my table and the one next to us started laughing and i got pulled into a laughing fit.  i had tears running down my face because i was trying to keep it together.  i didn’t do a very good job of that.  it was torture.

in the workshop, we developed a lesson in small groups for a lesson plan format that is not the one we are actually going to use.  we were all incredibly frustrated because we were literally doing all of this stuff for NO reason.  we were just going to have to undo it and fix it later.  ugh…  so now we’re all behind schedule.

i am always on top of my shit.  i have my stuff ready for the first few weeks.  but this time around, nope.  i barely have my first week’s lesson plans done.  it’ll get done obviously, but it’s so annoying that we lost two days…

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