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8.23 – high five for friday

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(ONE) last week before school starts. it’s bittersweet. my room is {nearly} done, my copies are {mostly} made, and i’m {almost} ready.

(2)  i get to see one of my favorite Texas country bands tonight, No Dry County. they’re amazing!

(three)  i led my first training for the entire district this week! it was nerve racking, but it went really well. i split them into two groups so i could get around to everyone. i had about 20-30 teachers per training. it doesn’t hurt when your principal threatens everyone a little before i start too.

(4)  my new tattoo! it is a totally spontaneously planned tattoo that I got on Sunday. i got “let it be” on my arm right beneath the crook of my elbow in my own handwriting. i just love that song. it calms me. and i love the Beatles. i’ve been wanting it for awhile but just didn’t make the time for it.

(FIVE)  my workouts and diet were kickass this week.  i didn’t cheat once.  i almost gave in to the cookie tray at inservice today, but i didn’t.  and except for the beer i’m going to drink tonight i did great!  🙂

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