teachin' school

teaching tip 13. the one touch rule.


don’t be perverted.  it’s nothing bad.  in fact, it’s actually a really great thing if you choose to do it.

i’m super organized at school.  i get made fun of all the time for it.  but it keeps me sane.  i need my calendars and labeled trays and neat stacks.

so when i was student teaching a million years ago…okay seven…i asked every teacher i came in contact with – what advice do you have for me?  one day, a teacher replied, “only touch it once”.  i started laughing obviously.  he said that he had been told about the “one touch rule” when he was student teaching.  he explained that when you go to your mailbox, when you get materials from a workshop, when the kids turn in papers – only touch them once.  meaning, don’t let things pile up.  this concept applies to digital things too.  when you get an email, reply to it and then store or delete it.  basically, everything has its place.  and that place is not piled up on your desk.

i was drawn to the “one touch rule” naturally, but it actually works.  my room is ALWAYS neat.  my inbox is almost always empty.  my desk is organized.  i never miss a meeting because as soon as i get the info, it goes from my paper calendar to my online one.

i know that some people just don’t think like i do.  those same people crave disorganization.  they’re comfortable in in.  but i’m telling you, the “one touch rule” helps a ton.

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