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your current weight might be someone’s goal weight.

i’ve been working really hard on getting healthy for going on eight months.  i have lost about 15 pounds and want to lose about 10-15 more.  i’m at a healthy weight at this point.  i’m putting on muscle and toning up a lot.  i am noticing a lot of changes.  i feel amazing.   i’ve also been kicking ass on my diet, which is due to my vegetarian challenge and the physical changes i’m seeing.

but i noticed something the other day…

a friend was complaining about how she wasn’t losing weight and she just wished she was my size.  when i looked in the mirror that morning, i saw nothing but my imperfections.  and then there was a friend telling me that she was jealous of me and what i’ve done to my body.  i couldn’t complain about anything after that.  i look at girls all the time and think the same exact thing – i wish i had her body.  i’ve also experienced skinnier girls than me talk about how “fat” they are.  and that’s annoying.  i don’t want to be that girl to someone else, especially with the people i care about.


i guess what i’m trying to say is that i need to watch what i say about myself.  i need to be grateful that i’m healthy and still able to work hard at making my body better.  i need to be proud of my progress and be able to look into the future at the work i still have to do.  i don’t need to complain about the things i still want to change to other people no matter their size.  i need to be encouraging.  to myself.  and to others.

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