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i’m just about the clumsiest person on the planet…

it’s unreal how often i hurt myself.  sometimes it’s on accident.  sometimes i’m not paying attention.  but mostly, it’s just stupid stuff that causes all those bruises.

at school last week, i went to the bathroom.  it’s hard to see if someone is in a stall because it’s kind of dark and the stall doors close automatically.  so i leaned down to look.  and hit the hell out of my head on one of the trays over the sinks.  i still don’t even know how i did that!  anyway, i have a goose egg on the side of my head that still hurts like a motha.  i’m just glad i didn’t give myself a black eye or anything.

a couple of weeks ago, i got up to answer my phone and hit the hell out of my shin.  the coffee table has always been there.  i just forgot for a second.  i earned a bruise the size of my palm for that one.

i gave myself 3 papercuts in one day while unpacking my classroom.  there wasn’t even paper anywhere near me for one of those papercuts.  that paper was out to get me!

i kept hitting my knees on legs of the table i sat at during inservice last week.  both knees have little bruises that make it look like i was doing something that i wasn’t. 😉

i hit my funny bone the other day while running from my room.  there was a cricket in there, and it scared the crap out of me.  i slammed my elbow on the door handle on the way out.  damn you, bugs!  i can’t handle them. at. all.

i nearly tripped myself at school yesterday about fifteen thousand times due to a poor choice in shoes as i stumbled out of my apartment.  i’m still not used to leaving the house at 6:30 am.

this is one of the reasons why i’m not really into running.  besides the sucking wind and inevitable side cramps.  i tried it when i was still going to the gym for my workouts.  i got pretty good (for me) with 10:15 miles.  i would run four miles.  and EVERY SINGLE TIME i would nearly face-plant on the treadmill.  i caught myself all those times but one and slammed into the machine behind me.  talk about embarrassing…  you can’t really act like THAT didn’t just happen.  that was actually one of the last times i went to the gym.  i wasn’t really into it anyway.  not my thing…  but i’m glad i have found “my thing”.

2 thoughts on “i’m just about the clumsiest person on the planet…

  1. My clumsiness is at it’s FINEST while running. Especially when I’m running with people. I feel like such dummie I literally can’t even turn my head, because if I’m not completely focused on the run or hike I am GUARANTEED to be on my hands and knees in minutes.

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