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high five for friday!

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(ONE)   rodeo this weekend.  yep, i said rodeo.  it’s actually in my school contract to work this annual rodeo.  (stop laughing.)  a ton of the kids from my school participate in it.  even the bull and bronc riding.  the mutton busting (google it) is adorable.  i usually work the concession stand so i get to see tons of people and former students.  it’s going to be hot as hell, but it’s always a good time.  bonus…barbecue!  yum, yum.

(2)  crazy busy but great first week back to school!  i’ve been running around helping people get set up with some various technologies.  at the same time, i’ve been helping my dual credit kids get their college class started.  AND doing my own stuff.  it’s been insane.  but my pre-AP world history class is going splendedly.  it’s so fun to challenge the kids and for them to come right back at me.  and i actually enjoy planning for it.  i’m (re)learning so much.

(three)  great workouts this week!  two strength workouts, one kickboxing, some HIIT and a little resistance band training.  and i avoided the available donuts, bagels, and cookies at school multiple times this week.  i’m definitely on a roll!

(4)  the first football game is tonight!  gotta love those friday night lights!

(FIVE)  and this sounds dumb, but i actually had a good hair week.  it’s hard with crazy curly hair, but it happens every once in awhile.  🙂

link up with the lovely lauren for H54F!

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