healthy living

stop the yo-yo cycle

i’ve tried just about every diet there is.  if it’s trendy, i’m there.  if it’s got a funky name, sure i’ll give it a whirl.  but i’ve realized in the past few months that i need to just STOP that.  enough is enough.  healthy is my goal now.  skinny is so 90s.  it’s all about strength and toning now.  and thank goodness, because i was never good at skinny.  healthy i can do.

none of those crazy diets will get you anywhere in the end.  i keep seeing things about “cleanses” and juicing and starvation diets.  yeah, that will get you some immediate results.  but will they stick?  nope.  that weight will be back like the terminator.

they’re not fun either.  those diets will drive you insane.  they will alienate you from people eating real food.  they will give you headaches.  they will screw up your metabolism.  they might even harm you permanently.

so trust me on this from my experience… eat real food.  but don’t eat too much of it.  try some new foods.  mix it up.  use a schedule if you need it.  stop obsessing but acknowledge what you’re putting in your body.  live in the real world with real food.  don’t stop your life.  enjoy your food.  it is your fuel, not your enemy.

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