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5 Reasons Your Health And Fitness Goals Are Doomed to Fail by Jessica Smith

i need to write me some new goals! how about…
i will lose five pounds by october 31st by maintaining a healthy diet, eating more veggies, and continuing to complete workouts 5-6 times a week that include strength training, agility, and cardio.

Jessica Smith

GOALS_JESSICA SMITHAs a wellness coach, I used to work with private clients one-on-one, and goal setting was a main focus during our sessions. I can tell you from personal experience, most of us set ourselves up to fail from the start – myself included! And if you don’t know any better, it’s not your fault. Now is the time to change that! If you haven’t been successful with your goals in the past, here are a few reasons why they may not be working for you:

1) You Aren’t Creating Goals, You Are Simply Making Statements

For example, let’s take a goal I often hear: “I want to lose 5 [or insert any number here] pounds.”  Not exactly a goal that sets you up to succeed – in fact, it’s more of a general statement than an actual goal.  A ‘goal’ like this will probably leave you more frustrated than when…

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