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9.6 – high five for friday!

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(ONE) i put on a pair of pants that i bought before school started and they were kind of too big!  i guess that’s a good and bad thing.  it’s going to be wasted money when i can’t wear them anymore, but it’s still awesome to think about my progress.

(2)  i got to spend some time with my sweet and hilarious cousin on thursday.  we live in the same town but don’t make the time to see each other as often as we should.  so we decided to set up a standing weekly date to talk, laugh, and let the stress go.

(three)  the rodeo was on saturday and sunday.  none of the kids were seriously injured.  i worked in the concession stand on sunday and battled my allergies.  but i was still great to see a ton of past and present students.

(4)  since our school goal is reading/writing, i’ve been trying to come up with new ways for my kids to read and summarize.  so this week i laminated some info sheets and gave them black dry erase markers.  they read through them and “blacked out” the unimportant info.  what was left was the important stuff.  i know it’s not groundbreaking, but they enjoyed it more than just plain reading.

(FIVE)  great workouts this week.  the HIIT one on tuesday nearly did me in though!  it’s so short and yet so hard.  that’s what she said.

link up with the lovely lauren for H54F!

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