healthy living

on this “get healthy mission”, i’m so happy i never…

  • have been injured seriously – it would be so difficult to push through that and so discouraging.
  • started smoking – i’ve seen friends try to quit and it’s so hard.  i dappled in it in college and it didn’t agree with me.  thank goodness.
  • tried a fad diet to get results – they never work how you want them to.  in fact, they do more damage than good.
  • stuck with doing the same thing over and over again at the gym – the best thing i ever did was mix it up with strength training and cross training.
  • had to do it alone – having an accountability partner makes things so much better for me.  i can’t be lazy without hearing about it.
  • gained more than 40 pounds – again, i’ve seen what other people have been through (or are going through).  no matter how hard my struggle is, it doesn’t compare to that experience.
  • settled – i could have accepted my initial weight loss as the end but i’m going for it.
  • gave up – yeah, i get frustrated, but i’m still at it.  i know that eventually i will get to where i want to be.

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