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a day in the life

a typical school day for the tattooed teacher in texas…

5:20 am – get up, wet hair and air dry, drink coffee, put on make-up, get dressed and eat my bowl of great grains with protein cereal (love that cereal!).

6:30 am – leave my apartment to meet my friend Kat to drive to work

6:45 am – arrive at parking lot to meet Kat (we switch off driving every other day to our small rural school about 45 minutes from town)

7:20 am – arrive at school, put lunch in the fridge, open room and turn on music, check email, last minute errands

8:15 am – teach G/T class with my friends Amber and Gary in the library

8:45 am – make way to my classroom for my 1st period government/economics class

9:30 am – 2nd period conference (check edtech blogs, read twitter feed, work on research, meet with administration or librarians about tech stuff, work on lesson plans).  i grab a little can of V8 or snack from my lunch bag to drink during this time.  we don’t eat lunch until 12:45 pm, and it’s hard to wait that long!

10:20 am – 3rd period government/economics class

11:10 am – 4th period pre-ap world history class

12:00 pm – 5th period dual credit government class

12:45 pm – grab lunch and meet a few teacher friends in a classroom to eat together to chat.  i usually eat a big salad in a jar.  i like to make four of them on sunday nights for the week.  i have figured out that four will last monday through thursday but that’s the limit and they turn slimy. so fridays i bring something else.  this is also when i grab my water bottle.  it takes me the afternoon to finish it.

1:15 pm – 3:15 pm – meeting time/conference period/tech time.  this is also when i get my room ready for the next day.  i get my papers ready for the kids, change my whiteboards, finish up any prep work, etc.  part of this time is a common conference period for the core teachers so it’s a good time for me to meet with them or do trainings.

4:00 pm – head home with Kat and finish water bottle during the drive.

4:50 pm – 6:00 pm – arrive home (wind down for an hour or so by watching something off my dvr, reading personal blogs, writing, or talking to my mom on the phone).  this is also when i eat an almond butter and jam sandwich.  it’s tasty, healthy, and helps me have lots of energy for my workout.

6:00 pm – workout (i follow a weekly schedule)

7:00 pm – eat dinner and drink lots of water

the rest of the night is used to work on stuff for school (grading, lesson planning, etc.), visiting with my cousin at her house (do that once a week), catching up on some tv or reading, checking in on my social media, etc.

10:00 pm – bed time!  if i don’t get my 8 hours, i’m not a happy camper the next day.


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