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9.13 – high five for friday!

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(ONE)  going to the lake tomorrow!!!  i haven’t been all summer and am beyond excited.  it’s been so hot here.  i want nothing more than to float in the lake, go tubing, and have some end of the summer fun before autumn starts.  hopefully the weather holds up!

(2)  tech game – i was invited to a texas tech game at happy hour last friday.  so on saturday, we drove to lubbock.  for the record, i’m not a fan of tech.  i have my reasons. the pre-gaming got a little crazy and i didn’t really care about the game.  but i love spending time with my awesome friends.

(three)  toadies concert!  on wednesday, i went with my bff to a toadies concert.  they are definitely one of my favorite rock bands.  vaden todd lewis is an amazing vocalist.  i’ve seen them five times before.  just awesome.  the next day at school was pretty difficult.  i even told my first period, “i’ve only had four hours of sleep.  i’m warning you – don’t push me.”

(4)  football game tonight!  we might have a shot at a W tonight.

(FIVE)  i decided i’m going to mark it off my bucket list and go to the Texas State Fair!!!  so super duper excited to be planning it.  i’m going during a weekend in october that cory morrow and the turnpike troubadours are playing, which means i get to see some of my favorite texas country artists.  PLUS – deep fried nutella and deep fried thanksgiving dinner balls.  need i say more?  nope.  🙂

link up with the lovely lauren for H54F!

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