personal life

10 things…i love to hear

1. my Luca’s purring next to my head at night. it’s so loud and comforting.
2. the friends theme song. such a great show. the song just makes me smile.
3. rain. we don’t get a lot of it in west Texas and it’s beautiful.
4. my Liberty’s chirrup. she has never purred (weird, right?), but she makes these little chirrups when she jumps up to me. so cute.
5. my sister Chase’s laugh. she’ll laugh at anything remotely funny. it’s contagious.
6. my phone ringing. i don’t talk on the phone so much anymore so it’s special when it does ring. i know it’s usually my mom, cousin, or grandmother.
7. take a top off a beer bottle. that’s just a cool sound.  and then of course the yummy, cold beer.
8. wrapping paper being torn off a present that I’m giving.
9. any Beatles song but especially “rubber soul” lately.
10. my dad’s funny animal noises. he can duplicate pretty much any animal. he used to crack up my cousins and me when we all got together. I barely hear them anymore now that we’re all grown up but I have such great memories from something so simple.

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