teachin' school

teaching tip 16. “i’m your teacher, not your friend.”

i‘ll be your friend when you have graduated with all your credits.

and by friend, i mean, your facebook friend. if you’re not annoying. and if you don’t overshare.

that’s why i tell my kids when they ask why we’re not friends. it comes up more than you’d think. i get really close to my kids. they have crappy home lives for the most part. they get attached to their teachers because we are a constant in their lives. it’s one of the things that i love about my particular school.

but i still have to draw a line. i’m their teacher. i need to maintain a division between being an adult in their lives and caring about them.  that’s difficult sometimes but completely necessary and important.

now that i’m in my 7th year and i run into kids that i had in my early years it is different with them.  we do have a different relationship.  it’s not like we’re on equal footing, but it’s more balanced.  we can have fresh and different conversations as adults.  that’s how it should be.  i look forward to the days that i can have those conversations with them about how the decisions they made when they were younger turned out, how they have changed, and what they have left to do.

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