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why kickboxing kicks ass.

up until the last few months, i hated working out.  i did it because i felt like i had to or needed to to get the results i wanted.  but lately, i’ve been feeling like an athlete.  i workout consistently and i actually enjoy it.  it’s become part of my daily routine.  but my favorite workout is always kickboxing.  it makes me feel powerful on days that i am pissed off.  it helps me expel my anger or frustrations.  it forces me to think about everything my body is doing and become in tune with it.  it improves my balance.  it’s an intense cardio workout that’s done wonders for my conditioning.  i don’t even notice when i’ve done 45 minutes or an hour of it because it consumes me.  with other workouts, i may check the clock to see how much more i have to do.  not with kickboxing.  it shoots off my endorphins like fireworks.  it doesn’t matter if i go into it feeling like crap or feeling great.  i always come off of a kickboxing workout feeling amazing.  like i can conquer anything.

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