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a few little words…

have you ever written a text and sent it to the wrong person? i’ve done it with stupid stuff that doesn’t matter for sure. i’ve never sent a bad text accidentally to the wrong person. but it happened to me. i got a text that wasn’t meant for me. i don’t want to go into the details, but it was a friend complaining about something i’d done that day. it was kind of over a misunderstanding. but the words still hurt. that single text hurt my heart. it made me cry. it confused me. it made me close up a little bit.

isn’t it amazing how a few words can hurt your feelings so much?

but isn’t it also amazing how not saying anything hurts too?

sometimes i keep my mouth shut too much and don’t express myself (like i did today). people may take that as me being angry at them or sad. and sometimes i say too much. i have an uncanny ability to put my foot in my mouth. i know that i say (or type) things i shouldn’t about other people. i guess i needed to be reminded of what it feels like so that i won’t do that to someone else that I care about.

but i also have to deal with the incident that happened to me. and I should accept in some sort of positive light. i know i have to forgive. i also know that there are certain communication skills that i need to work on. but how do you also move on and trust those friends again? i’m not sure about that one just yet. time and an open heart will help.

One thought on “a few little words…

  1. awwwe hun i’m really really sorry. i have never had this happen to me — but i can’t imagine how i would feel if it did. especially if you’re already dealing with the situation at hand. . .

    know that you’re not alone with putting your foot in you mouth. my foot has a designated spot right in my throat — so i can relate. let me know if you need anyone to chat with about it, because lord knows i understand!

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