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9.20 – high five for friday!

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(ONE) it’s homecoming!!! gotta work the dance tonight. it’s usually really funny to watch the kids be awkward, try to dance, and eventually give up and just have fun. and don’t forget the football game! our team is seriously terrible. but i still cheer for ’em!

(2) “new girl” came back this week. love that show! “brooklyn nine-nine” debuted right before it, and i liked that one too.

(three) well, the lake was a bust on saturday due to crappy weather. BUT, we decided on dinner and beers on our friends’ back porch instead. and it was just as great. and i got to spend some wine time with my cousin on her back porch. it was a tough week. it was nice to laugh it up and let it out. she listens to me but also talks a lot. she keeps the conversation moving and me laughing. i can finally breathe again after a somewhat crappy week.

(4) my GT class is finally rolling along. they’re working on their projects. i love asking them questions that they don’t know the answer to. their look of confusion and then determination is great.

(FIVE) this answer to a quiz question i graded on wednesday. i should have given him extra points for making me laugh out loud.


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