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teaching tip 17. make a game plan.

how to plan a unit.

first, figure out how much time you have for each of your units for the year.  don’t worry.  it’s just a game plan.  things will always change.  then you will know the amount of time for the unit you want to plan for.  select your test date as your end point.  (that can change, too.)

working backwards.

start with your test date and work backwards.  decide how many lessons you want to teach and how many days you want to spend on each one.  for the big ideas, use a few more days.  for the smaller ideas or reviewing information, use less days.  then, you can start planning each day.  you may want to start each unit with the same type of lesson. i use a unit organizer to go over the info we’ll be covering and do vocabulary on the first day to transition into a new unit.

make the test as you go.

i was once given a great piece of advice: write your test as you go through the unit.  this is a good idea for a couple reasons.  one, you don’t have to spend forever writing an exam.  (it takes longer than you’d think!)  two, your exam will completely tied to the content you covered.  three, you can tell the kids – this info will be on the test.

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