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9.27 – high five for friday!

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(ONE)  i am one of the sponsors of the cooking club at school.  that can be dangerous!  i baked some chocolate chip pumpkin bread with a pretty dark and white chocolate topping for our friday meeting.  it was a new recipe so i actually made it twice just to make sure.  now i have more than enough!  but i’m not complaining.  my apartment smelled like pumpkin bread for days.  hello fall!

here’s the recipe i used.


(2)  my cousin evan and his wife lindsay are in town from washington dc.  i don’t get to see them very often so it’s awesome that they are here for a week.  some of the best people in the world, right there.  plus, lindsay is preggers!  new little cousin on the way i get to buy adorable baby stuff for.  yea!  we had a little baby shower on thursday for her.  i brought some amazing cupcakes from a local shop.  those things are worth every penny.

(three) the UFC fights on Saturday were amazing! it always seems like the good cards end up being boring and the bad cards end up being awesome. that was definitely the case this time. i am disappointed that Alex couldn’t seal the belt but it was a great show.

(4)  my seniors went on a college visit on wednesday. i had nearly the whole day to myself.  it took me awhile to get moving, but i got a ton of stuff done.  i was able to order a handful of iPads for some teachers, visit with the district librarian about some tech stuff, have an extra long lunch with my friends, and get quite a few lesson plans done for next week.  i also watched this video about fifteen times and then sent it to the english teachers with a bunch of hashtags.  #toteshilarious

(FIVE)  my workouts this week were great.  my diet…not so much.  but anything is better than last week.  the summer was easy because i could work around all my activities.  it’s harder now that i’m busier, but it’s doable.  i just have to get back in the groove… 20 lbs down, 10 to go.

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