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10 things…i’m watching

1.  parenthood – this show makes me laugh out loud and ugly cry during every single episode.  i’m excited for the new season.

2.  the small things blog tutorials – this youtube channel is my go to for new hairstyles.  she explains things really well and they’re never too complicated. here’s her newest tutorial:

3.  sons of anarchy – i’ve watched this show from the beginning and i’m so excited it’s back for season six.  first of all, jax is so sexy i can hardly handle it.  but the story lines really are amazing.  there’s always a twist around the corner. i will admit that i do have to cover my eyes sometimes or hold my stomach because it hurts so badly.  but i won’t stop watching.

4.  brooklyn-nine-nine – this is a new show on Fox.  it’s surprisingly funny.  i’m going to keep watching.

5.  the ultimate fighter – the new season has two firsts.  two female coaches and female fighters.  the coaches hate each other and i’m pretty sure they’re going to have one hell of a girl fight at some point during the season.

6.  hell on wheels – love this show.  super gritty western that’s full of history and just the right amount of drama.

7.  double divas – this reality show on lifetime is not something i would normally pick.  but those girls just crack me up!

8.  the jaclyn hill youtube channel – her makeup tutorials are fascinating to me.  i don’t want to wear the amount of makeup that she does, but i get a lot of new ideas from her.  plus, she’s hilarious.

9.   just adorable.  🙂

10.  this “duct tape surfing” video…  so touching.

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