teachin' school



i recently watched a documentary on cbs called “teach”.  it followed four teachers over the course of one year.  it made me cry.  it inspired me.  but there was one major thing that i took away from it.  one of the filmmakers asked a teacher – how are you different from the beginning of the year.  he replied – how am i different from the beginning of the year?  how am i different from yesterday?!?

that’s really what teaching is like now.  every day is different and challenging.  technology is ever changing these days.  and teachers have to change with it.  another teacher in the documentary said something like – it’s not about me.  it’s about them.  i have to change more than they do.  that’s so true.  they’re already changing.  they change every day.  now it’s our turn.  we have to adapt to this new world very quickly.

but doing that is difficult.  i’m open to technology but it is still challenging to embrace it all every day.  there are limitations and complications to be figured out.  but we have to stay open-minded to it all.

the world is so much different than it was when i was in high school ten to twelve years ago.  it’s exciting.  the possibilities are seemingly endless.

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