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how learned to love mixed martial arts

if you saw me, you’d probably never guess that i was so into mixed martial arts. even people who know me really well still give me a weird look when it comes up and i start spouting off facts about my favorite fighters.

if you would have told me i’d be so into it four years ago, i would have replied – are you insane???

but it happened. at first, i thought it was just bloody, violent human cock fighting. but my friends kept wanting to go see the fights and i gradually pulled my hands away from my eyes and actually watched it. then i just started asking everyone a million questions and researching it online. i learned everything i could about it. and i discovered that i enjoyed it once i understood it.  there is a lot to learn though!  it’s called mixed martial arts for a reason.  there are many different styles of martial arts that go into it.  and each fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses in the different areas.

now, i rarely miss a PPV fight. i even got to go to a live event, UFC 150 in Denver last year. i have my favorite fighters as well as a list of fighters i love to see lose.  (i base the bad list on their attitudes, not their skills.  be annoying or cocky and you go straight to the top of that list.)   i watch the preview shows and The Ultimate Fighter. i do my background research before a fight. i know all the terms and techniques. if I wasn’t so damned scared of getting hit in the face (or anywhere for that matter), i would probably do training myself. maybe that’s one of the reasons i like kickboxing too.

here are my favorite fighters currently (click on the pics for more info):

george st. pierre (GSP) – my all-time favorite fighter. he’s french canadian (cute accent), he’s the perfect specimen of man, and he’s a smart fighter that never talks unnecessary trash.
rory mcdonald
rory mcdonald – trains under GSP, only been fighting in the UFC for about a year.
mike ricci
mike ricci – relative newcomer. i first saw him on ultimate fighter. quiet and smart.
alexander gustafsson
alexander gustafsson – came so close to beating jon jones. he’ll get him next time if he gets the shot at another go.
benson henderson – always comes out to “our god is an awesome god” as his song

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