teachin' school

teaching tip 18. like the boy scouts, “always be prepared”.

you never know what’s going to happen.  there could be an emotional catastrophe.  a lesson could bomb.

so it’s best to be prepared for anything.

during my first year of teaching, i had a student hurl his lunch up in my classroom.  i mean, projectile vomit around the entire room.  i ran out into the hall screaming.  i left my other students to fend for themselves as i yelled encouragement from the hallway until my principal got a hold of the janitor to clean up the mess.  i managed to inch into the doorway to check on him about three minutes into the catastrophe.

now that i’ve been a teacher for several years, i know better.  today, i would be calmer and not panic…i think.  i would definitely believe a kid if they told me they didn’t feel well and just send them to the bathroom instead of trying to write a hall pass.  man, i was dumb.  😉

but you need to be prepared for the education related stuff too.  you need a back up plan for lessons.  that’ll come in time.  you’ll have “time-fillers” and random questions to pull from when you finished a dreaded five or ten minutes early.  (a lot can go wrong in five minutes.)  you’ll have to shift your plans a day to reteach something.  that doesn’t make you a bad teacher.  it makes you a good teacher.  a teenage girl could have an emotional breakdown in your class and you could end up holding her in the hallway for ten minutes until she can pull herself together.  you could have a fight breakout between two hormonal boys.  you might want to step between them.  don’t.  anyway…you’ll figure it out.  try to keep a calm head and be conscious of what is happening in the moment.  it’ll be okay.

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