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10.4 – high five for friday!

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(ONE)  another cooking club meeting today!  last week’s chocolate chip pumpkin bread was a huge hit.  this sponsorship may or may not make me fat again by the end of the school year.  🙂  my original plan was mint chocolate chip cookies.  but the recipe i used was totally wack.  so i started over and made chocolate chip cookies because i was running low on time.  but i had some toffee bits so i threw them in with some mini chips.  whah-lah!  toffee chocolate chip cookies.  turns out they’re delicious.


(2)  i totally punked my senior government students this week.  i wanted them to understand how terrible literacy tests were in the south in the 1960s.  so i took the first part of one, typed it up, and gave it to them as a “pop quiz”.  and i told them that they had to get all of the answers right to get a 100.  otherwise, they’d get a zero.  and that it would count on this six weeks and fail them.  i don’t know how i kept a straight face!   they were so confused, concerned, pissed, and…convinced it was true!  after they turned their “quizzes” in, i told them that it was all an experiment and tied it to the literacy test experience for minorities in alabama in the 1960s.  first, they completely understood after the experiment.  second, it was super fun for me!  haha

(three)  i’m not going to go into details, but i got some validation this week that i needed from a couple people.  a little boost in my personal confidence that was much appreciated.

(4)  i had great workouts this week!  i really pushed it on my strength workouts.  i needed to redeem myself from a couple weeks of slacking.  although i had an entire bottle of wine during my weekly time with my cousin, lauren.  that may have been counter-productive to my kickass kickboxing workout that day.

(FIVE)  and FINALLY…one more week until the Texas State Fair!  i get to see my sister and brother-in-law, eat some delicious fried food, and see some great bands.  maybe even a giant pumpkin or two!

link up with jennie or lindsey and of course…the lovely lauren at for H54F!

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2 thoughts on “10.4 – high five for friday!

  1. I found your blog through the H54F link up and scrolled down a bit to see your comment about parenthood – OMG, me TOO! I cry nearly every episode. And it’s never pretty.

    P.S. – My favorite teachers from high school/college/grad school have tattoos 😉

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