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i’m always up for an unconventional workout.  i get bored very easily with workouts.  i know some people can go to the gym every day and do their thing, but i’m not into that.  i like variety.  i NEED variety.  so every now and again, i try something new.

fun jump – there’s a gymnastics place here in town that offers “fun jump” time each saturday.  you pay $10 for two hours of free reign over everything.  there’s a few super bouncy trampolines, tons of little ones all over the floor, a foam pit (which i avoid completely because it takes about an hour to get out of it!), and some long ramps.  i’ll usually go with a friend and any kids we can round up.  i’ll jump on the trampolines of course, but then i’ll also do sprints on the long ramps.  this past time, i jumped in five minute increments for thirty minutes doing a different “jump style” for each of the increments.  it is exhausting, but so fun.  the time flies.  i’m usually sore (back, shoulders and around my hips) the next day, but it’s worth it.

hiking – luckily, we have a wildlife reserve and a state park around my town.  i used to go to the wildlife reserve often for hiking until one fateful trip last summer that involved a tarantula crossing the trail, a ton of giant grasshoppers everywhere, and almost stepping on a rattlesnake.  eek!  the canyon in the state park offers a lot of hiking trails.  now that it’s cooler, i’m looking forward to getting out there for some hikes on the weekends.

tennis – this one may not seem unconventional, but it is for me.  i’m not a tennis player, even though pretty much everyone on my dad’s side of the family kicks ass at it.  my cousins went to state and my grandmother played on the national team.  but i was never really into it until a few months ago.  i know i spend more time chasing balls than actually hitting them, but it’s still fun.  and it’s a great workout with all the running and changing directions.

swimming/water games – i swam on my high school team and my daddy is a swim coach so i’ve been around water my whole life.  my mama called me a “water baby” because they got me into water when i was six weeks old.  so naturally, i enjoy swimming.  my gym has a small lap pool.  i like swimming in a lake but it kind of grosses me out.  water games like polo or tag are also fun and a great way to get in a workout.

dance – i’ve also tried zumba and barre workouts.  i am definitely not a dancer, but there’s something about dance workouts that make me feel amazing and graceful.  barre workouts don’t seem like they would be that hard, but every movement is so slow and precise.  you really have to think about everything you’re doing and control your body.  there’s a new zumba wii game coming out soon so i may have to pick that up again.

i would love to try aqua cycling, boot camp, and crossfit in the future.

are there any unconventional workouts you do that you’d recommend for me?  leave me a comment!


5 thoughts on “unconventional workouts

  1. Try pole fitness! I went from a size 6 to a size 2 and have seen more definition and tone than I ever have in only 6 months… I didn’t even know I had some of these muscles! It gets a bad rep for the stereotypes connected to it, but you’ll find that the girls that are into it for the fitness aspect are more into the strength and skill behind it than the “naughtiness”.

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