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10.11 – high five for friday!

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(ONE)  i am headed to Dallas for the weekend to visit my sister and bro-in-law.  and we’re going to the world famous Texas State Fair.  here’s the 10 things i’m looking forward to.  can’t wait!

(2)  i got to see an amazingly lame band on saturday night.  it was so entertaining!  i could tell they were trying to be cool like the lumineers but they did not succeed.  there were too many instruments…banjo, ukelele, xylophone, tambourine, fiddle, guitars, trumpet and more.  we were just waiting to see what they would pull out next and then they got off the stage and started playing around the bar.  it was so bizarre and yet interesting.

(three)  we had fun (and learned a lot about a specific topic!) in my pre-ap world history class on wednesday.  i split my  class into two groups: alexander the great and his army and the persians.  each group got some background info and a list of roles.  once they had time to study (and apparently scrounge up some make-shift costumes), they acted out the scene of alexander taking over persia.  so funny for me and yet informative to them!  then they had to decide if alexander was a hero or a villain with writing or a visual.  OMG.  their writings/visuals were amazing.  i love this group of kids.  they make my day.

(4)  zen pencils is one of my favorite blogs to read.  every comic makes you think and feel something.  this week, a reader turned one of the amazing comics into a video short...

(FIVE)  i got to see ‘the dirty river boys’ last night at a local bar and then i get to see both ‘cory morrow’ and ‘the turnpike troubadours’ on saturday at the fair!  an amazing weekend of texas country!

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