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a recap of the state fair

we got there about 3pm after an hour long train ride.  it happened to be the weekend of the OU/Texas game (go Texas!) so it was super busy everywhere.  we decided on the train because of the cost of parking, the crazy traffic, and how much walking we knew we’d be doing that day.

my sister callie and me on the train

we started by wandering through the automotive show and craft tents on our way to the main stage.  there were a ton of food booths between the main stage and Big Tex.  i got some lemonade and we tried some texas firecrackers (deep fried tamales = delicious!) and fried frito pie (not my fave).  then we walked down to see Big Tex and take some pictures.

big tex
i had to get a pic with Big Tex!

then, we started walking around again.  there’s SO much to see.  we found a ton of animals including a 3 hour old llama, a zebra, a wallaby and a yak!  we watched the pig races – so cute!  then we checked out the winners of the crafts, specifically the quilts.  my mama is a master quilter so i’m always interested and impressed by them. the next building was devoted to Texas products. i didn’t buy anything (didn’t want to carry anything around with the long day ahead) but i loved looking at everything. i was impressed by the creamed honeys, unique salsas, cake mixes, beers, and more.
we then met up with a friend who we used to work with, mike, and headed out on another fried food run.  up this time: fried thanksgiving dinner balls (delicious but the balls were too big … that’s what she said!), fried cuban rolls (the best thing at the fair and completely deserving of the 1st place prize), fried millionaire pie (filled with pineapple and caramel topped with pecans and whipped cream), and “corny dogs” (i didn’t have one, but they looked good).  after all of that crap and a couple shiners, i was DONE.

we made our way back to the main stage for the concert.  remember when i said it was the day of the OU/Texas game?  well, all of those fans (mainly college kids) stayed for the concert.  by 8:30 pm, they were all extremely drunk.  i can’t really criticize them.  if i was 22, i’d probably be doing the same thing they were doing – eating a bunch of food and drinking all day.  some of them were annoying.  some were just plain funny.  it was also warm and humid.  i live in west texas.  i don’t do humidity.  on top of that and all the food in my stomach, i had to push through.  but it was worth it!  the turnpike troubadours did not disappoint!  i love them!  they sounded great live too.

waiting for the turnpike troubadours concert to start

toward the end of the concert, we slipped out to catch the train and beat the crowds.  riding the train through inner city dallas at 11 pm was pretty interesting!  i couldn’t help listening and watching the characters.  it was a long, LONG day, but worth the tired feet and aching stomach.  i can finally mark it off my bucket list.

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